Saturday, 26 February 2011

This is what happens in half term

This is what happens in half term when my son NAGS me and I can't run away to my craft room AKA the Spare room because I have three children in the house

Knitting- at least I can sit in the chair and keep an eye on the kids and still craft!

Arthur has been on at me for weeks to knit him a hedgehog- well this week I got round to it. After finding two rather complicated knitting patterns on the internet I gave up and just started knitting- this was the result- he has no legs but I like his pointy nose and the large round bottom end that he has!


  1. I love your hedgehog - he is adorable and cuddly. I would love to have one myself - perhaps I should dust off my knitting needles and have a go!!!

  2. Love it. For a second I thought it was a real one. But I've never seen one in person so it wouldn't take too much to fool me haha We don't have them in Australia.

  3. This is adorable! I love that you just started knitting and came up with something so wonderful!