Tuesday, 17 August 2010

One with a double page spread

One for the American Crafts blog of my son on the trampoline on holiday. I like the fact I didn't get the perfect shot so there are only parts of Stanley on show.
Supplies include
Dear Lizzy paper and stamps
abode paper
craft fair paper
heatwave paper and
some flair badges

Monday, 16 August 2010

If the weekend wasn't enough

I wanted to finish off a few more LOs before I have to tidy (and I mean tidy ) the room for the visit of my in-laws.

The first picture is of Nancy's new haircut (for anyone who has seen my other posts) she did it herself. It doesn't look too bad but she has a bit of a mullet now.
This is for Shimelle's final photo challenge HOME

It's Nancy on the floor by the sofa
Now to some LOs

one for Color Combos Galore. I try ro keep up but I will miss out next week while we are away.
An this one is for the Color Room. It asks" Why do My self-portraits always make me look like robot Girl? I think it is the arm holding the camera away from my body.
And finally one inspired by the Effer Dares. It was a challenge about postal art. I have just started Postcrossing and it is about the excitement of receiving unexpected mail from anywhere in the world

Sunday, 15 August 2010

the one with more pictures for Shimelle

Here are a few more photos for Shimelle's cyber crop just need to take one more tomorrow...

Craft in progress

my craft space is a TIP as you can see. It is not helped by Nancy who wants to make pictures too. see below

Self portrait

We are tidying the house for the arrival of in-laws next week, in the process Nancy found some old glasses which she wanted so we removed the lenses, then the boys wanted some too. Ha Ha I though chance to take a photo without them twigging what it's for. so I got the timer working and have a self-portrait with my family all wearing glasses.
While we were getting ready I got this shot which has to do for the portrait shot
I was going to wait until tomorrow and take a smile picture of the kids until I saw this picutre I took today while tidying, if there is a chance it will get binned I try and take a photo of the kids artwork. who could resist this smile?

The one with even more layouts for Shimelle

I think I have managed to complete nearly every challenge for Shimelle ( I scrap quickly) apart from the digital element one, I don't do digital and my printer hasn't worked for months...

Anyway here is a quick run down of what I did

One using stamps

One with journalling round the edge, there is journalling round the outside and the outside of the mount. I love this waterproof jacket, it cost me 20p in Sainsburys and I thought it might be too small but it lasted Arthur for two years.
The one with Quadrents
The one with what was left on the desk
The one with one Supplier

I chose October Afternoon and on the anniversary of VJ day I thought it would be nice to do my Grandfather who fought in Burma and was a prisoner there, the number was his army number

the one with an embellishment

the one With a list

the list is...
1.the road works outside my house
2.my son's loud voice3.
my three day headache
4. 2 broken cameras
5. 1 br0ken printer
6. the visit of my in-laws next week
7. Fruit flies
8. the freezer door not shutting
9. the DIY haircut my daughter gave herself
seven weeks summer holiday

One with Pin Wheels

I wanted a vintage feel for this LO of my sister
The Sunday sketch

A black and white photo

Saturday, 14 August 2010

the one with Explosive pictures and signs


This is what I would have used if I was allowed but this picture was in May (it is a Sparrowhawk in my garden)So instead you have a waspy thing on a flower.

Zoom out

The road works at the end of my road, I took it while out to take the sign picture


This is supposed to stop people driving through but it doesn't

Explosive picture

My daughter in the paddling pool, I told you the weather was better here. WAS being the operative word, it is now chucking it down.

More photos for Shimelle

There is another up shot of my children messing about on the balcony, it gives me the willies every time they d o it but this time I had to get a shot. soorry it's late i'm tired and I can't get it sraight.I took these in the garden tonight, one is of my son by candlelight, the other is the lights of our lounge taken from outside. I hope these count, I had to rest my camera on the bin to get a steady shot of our house.

one with a book

I have recently scrapped a photo of me reading ( shame it doesn't count for the challenge) I could take another picture tomorrow but this is such a good one why would I want one?)

one with feet

Sorry Shimelle this is a "this went wrong photo" that I was going to delete and then realiseed it was my foot so here it is.

Photos for Shimelle's Cyber Crop (so far)

These are various photos I took today for Shimelle's challenges

I love these street organs, you can see them all over the Netherlands, In Utrecht there is a whole museum devoted to them


really two seconds before I took this my son was looking through that window in a grump, it was so cute.. See how beautiful the weather has been here today in the Netherlands, we usually get the rain the day after England so this may not last.
And this is me laying on the kids trampoline, avoiding bird poop, and looking at the sun through the trees.

Seriously I love feet photos , they tell such a story. A few weeks ago we were at the beach and i took some great shots of the kids sandy feet (Such a shame we are limited to photos from this weekend)

Anyway this morning Nancy had an ankle bracelet to go with her pyjamas
Then she got herself dressed and chose flip flops and socks. Good combo.

Layouts for Shimelle's cyber crop

Anyway I think I will just list the LOs I have complete for Shimelle's cybercrop nad Come back tomorrow to explain

I have tried to do separate LOs for each challenge even tough some could apply for more that one title

Scrapbooking with circles
Using Red, Aqua and White ( it is too late for turquoise)
Using squares
Patterned paper (i thinke there are 5 , seven if you count that I used both sides of one and a music book for another)
Hearts (but it could be pink)
Pink ( but it could be hearts)
Sketch number 2

Friday, 13 August 2010

from the car window

These images don't really count as entires for Shimelle's challenge as they weren't taken this weekend but I shall post anyway and try and take a proper entry over the weekend. I always love the romantic sound of a "road trip" but Dover to Wolverhampton and Hilversum to Lelystad don't rely have the glamour of travel I would hope for.
Picture one is on the aforementioned Dover to Wolverhampton trip, I took this photo as I wanted a cloud picture to use for a page about my Nan. It might sound a bit morbid but she was in hospital and knew she was dying, we took her out into the garden one day and a storm was approaching, she made us stay out until the rain came and she was wet because she wanted to feel the rain again.
Picture two is a common sight here, a wind turbine on the trip from Hilversum to Lelystad, Flevoland is so flat and windy and empty that there are literally hundreds of these massive things.

through the window

I'm sure Shimelle was looking for something a bit more dramatic with her challenge but you have this instead. When we go anywhere as a family I end up sitting in the back seat to avoid squabbles between the children. Anyway I have often thought of taking a picture of whoever's picture reflected in the wing mirror so now I have. The other photo is through the train window today on the way to Utrecht to take my man-made pictures ( more of which later). I really wanted to take some of the grafitti but not at this speed

I think this is my entry for it's cuteness

the one with a close up

I love it when our friend comes to visit because he always brings something nice, and how photogenic were these cakes that he tuned up with yesterday! Just perfect for Shimelle's challenge but I'm not sure how Al felt about me photographing his gift. There i was ignoring my guest and photographing pudding on the table outside.