Thursday, 29 November 2012

2 boys on a train

the challenge over at Child's Play this time is a lovely toy train ( theirs is under a Christmas tree but I ignored that aspect)
My LO has a tiny little train on it but the LO is also about our regular trips on a steam train to Minehead when we go and visit our friend in Somerset.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Passport photo

Passport photos are a real game to get right when the subject of the photo is under 10. Nancy was supposed to have a serious expression which means her photos make her look like a criminal in a mug shot

Monday, 26 November 2012


this is a minimalist LO with lots of white space for the challenge over at Kraft it up

Park Live ZOne

this LO is about our trip to the Olympics this summer_ We had a great time and part of that was being able to hang out around the Olympic Park after out event had finished. This Photo is from Park Live where there were big screens to watch the action and see the medals being won

Sunday, 18 November 2012

using a sketch

both of these LOs were made using the recent sketch at Sarah's Cards. the bottom one is my favourite I think.

the top one is a close up of the Olympic Stadium. I think the striped paper mirrors the pattern of the stadium nicely.
this one is quite typical of me. I take some bad photos but I don't delete them I quite often print them out and use them on a page. this one Nancy got too close so she's blurred in the picture but I love the natural smile.

here is the sketch

Friday, 16 November 2012

london eye

A quick post- A LO I made using instagrams of our first trip on the London Eye back in June

Thursday, 15 November 2012


Late yet again- you'd think I'd learn.

This LO is for the latest challenge at Scrap it with a Song- the song = Homeward bound by Simon and Garfunkel and I used a patchwork effect that was highlighted on the Crate Paper blog this week and an instagram photo that my son took on my I phone of my husband and the other two children

Pagerize me

This is  my LO for the next Pagerize challenge.

I decided to make a LO for the upcoming Remembrance day coming up here in the UK in November. This summer we visited my Great Grandfather's war grave in Belgium, he died in the First World War. The photo is of Nancy at the grave side ( so her Great Great Grandfather) its called "she will remember them" based on a line from the Laurence Binyon poem For the Fallen which is read out at Remembrance Day services.

I thought there were afew things peple might use to Pagerize the LO
- the 6x6 Paper
-the tags and bits of stuff tucked behind
- something to remember a serving or old soldier in the family
- butterflies
- or the use of the scrap strip on the LO

too many photos

a quick Lo of Nancy pulling a face- this is the kind of face I get when I've taken too many photos of her and she's fed up

Sunday, 11 November 2012


my little bit of Freedom- inspired by the George Micheal song ( for Scrap it with a Song)

Every Thursday evening ( husbands schedule permitting) I go tap dancing- I am seriously rubbish but hey I love it.
 the shoes were given to me by my sister- she bought them from ebay- so goodness knows where they've been but I'm in no hurry to buy a new pair. Every one else has boring black lace ups.

ray a drop of golden sun

Late again- I hate not having a lap top that works- I have to sit on an uncomfortable chair to write my blog posts and it appears to be quite off-putting by the number of times I have posted late.

this LO is for Child's Play challenge- the challenge this week is a classic movie- the Sound of Music. My daughter has been singing songs form this for weeks as she is learning them at the Saturday morning theatre school she attends. So when this challenge came up I had do use the lyrics from her favourite song with a LO about her.

Unfortunately I don't have a photo of her in her theatre school uniform but hey this will do- she is my Ray of golden sun even when she looks in a bad mood.

My First Jobs

I made this LO for the challenge at Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge- the challenge as you may guess from the title was to scrap about your first job.My problem is that I had three first jobs virtually simultaneously.

When I finished my GCSE exams aged 16it was the end of May and I had nothing to do again until September so I started a Saturday job at Marks and Spencer's which I kept while I did my A levels.
I also started a weekday job at a  pub between my village and the next - the Wicked Lady and I worked there for most all of the summer day and some evenings and some Sundays and weeknights waiting on tables.

I also had a Saturday Evening Job at the local pub ( where my sister worked washing dishes in the kitchen) again waiting on tables.

Friday, 2 November 2012


Here is my Lo for November for Frome Screen to Scrap
- I've got all three of the requirements that Shazza set on there- 
white card- 
Love in the title
and the Eiffel tower- 
the photo is a close up of the wall paper that was in our holiday home in France this summer- a bit overwhelming and very French

tear it up

This is for the latest challenge at Scrap OUr Stash- entitled Tear it Up
MY LO for the tear it up challenge broke my normal paper rules.
I tore into a whole brand new sheet of paper for this and it nearly broke my heart as I intended just to use scraps. Still I'm really pleased with the result as I used bot sides of the paper and it looks really pretty.

The Lo is a picture of my daughter eating an ice cream on holiday in the summer. i used some pretty ice cream colours torn into strips and layered up at the side of the photo.