Saturday, 5 February 2011

MY Son loves me

This one is one of my Design Team submissions- this is for Journalling Junkie- go and have a look as the challenge needs a bit of explaining and I can't explain it very well!

What i can say is it is about Love and types of love ( in keeping with the season)

And this is about Arthur's bizarre love habits

Journalling reads

Arthur's language of love comes directly from the toilet! He only ever says he loves me when he is doing a poo!

If I hear " I love you" being yelled I know exactly where he is and what he's doing!

(I am sure he will be very embarrassed by this LO when he is older)


This photo was taken this week - I made a dash for the camera as I heard Arthur shouting from the loo- I almost got there in time but he wouldn't get back on and pose for me in situ as it were :(


  1. Yes, I think I posted a comment over at JJ - what a fun layout!

  2. Karen, lots of great layouts. it is awesome that you created a layout to remember this. definitely one of those memories he will hope you hide from future girlfriends. =)

  3. hele leuke lo! leuke kleuren!