Thursday, 30 September 2010

Pink Ninjas

What was the first challenge I found on the Pink Ninja's site. Scrap Pink! Here is one of Nancy she says when she grows up she wants to be a butterfly.... a pink One.... ( it says purple on the LO she has changed her mind since then to PInk)

One of Arthur

I love cutting people out of the photos, here is Arthur standing in front of a monument so massive he looked like he was standing in front of a brick wall so why not cut him out of the picture. I am loving using my Tin Tin book for patterned paper.

a sketch for Sassy Lil Sketches

I have shrunk the original shape of the sketch so i coulD leave some blank space, and instead of three photos I have used the cartoon strip ( I found this TinTin book in the charity shop for 50c and i thought it was great to use for background paper) . This is a picture of Arthur posing in the frames from some of my old glasses. I am about to put the original sketch in here but I am suck a blogger novice I can't shrink it so apologies for overwhelming size!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Chicken Soup Ruffles

A Layout for the Chicken Soup Challenge blog. The challenge image is below, all ruffles and ribbon and lovely pastel colours. Anyway I went with the ruffles and ribbon and made this about being a bridesmaid when I was three But I wasn't really happy with it so I decided to make a whole stripe of ruffles and ribbon but the only photos I had that went together with any kind of ribbon was these two of Nancy on the huge see saw at the Zuiderzee Museum. I was much happier with this effort.

Another sketch

For Pencil Lines, my first effort for their challenge site.

One for the Color Room

The Color Room combo was blues and purples , I found this fairly tricky as Purple is not my colour.

one with patterned paper ( lots of it)

American Crafts latest challenge on their blog is to use three of their patterned papers on a project. I started with the bottom one that has 6 of their papers and a couple of reverse sides on it Then I thought I could expand it and do a double page Layout. This one has 14 American Crafts papers and a couple of reverse sides as well.

Update- How exciting ! This layout won the challenge ( I think it;s randomly picked nothing to do with my ability I am afraid)

Friday, 24 September 2010

A color combo

Me c 1979 I like the way the picture of me peeks through the circles

( and I think it might work for the circle challenge over at ATDML blog)

everything's gonna be fine, fine, fine

This LO is about the way I worry about the little things unnecessarily. For example the road works outside our house that have been driving me mental for weeks ( with about 6 more weeks to go)
Oh by the way it is for Scrapping the Music ( Alanis Morisette- Hand in my pocket) found this one really hard

one using sketches ( lots of them)

I am trying to use some sketches for ideas at the moment and failing i fear. I am not good if the sketch wants small photos, or large ones or many photos. My printer is too poor to make prints so I am limited to my 6x4 truprint photos.

And if anyone wonders how I can be so quick, or make so many, I try not to spend more than half an hour on a LO. if I'm making paper flowers it might take longer but otherwise 30 mins max..

So here are my efforts....

1. Sketchy Thursday
For this one I used only half of the sketch and flipped it. I thought the Nemo tickets would so instead of small photos

9.23 sketch challenge
2, Studio Calico Sunday sketch

Again no small photos so the paint sample has to stand in for them ( I love the names on this paint chip, they are all herbs and the names are in Dutch and French because the DIY store they are from is in Holland and Belgium) Oh and because it was not 12x12 I just stuck the shape onto a 12x12 background

3. Stuck sketches

Again one photo instead of three small ones but i like the paper at the edge of the photos

4. Pencil Lines

Oh this getting boring, still no small photos ( see my other posts for what happens when I print myself) but i loved the bright colours of the photo. I have used some Christmas papers on here from Cosmo Cricket last year ( inspired by a challenge from earlier in the week)


5. Dutch Dares

I love these paper spiral flowers and the made a good border for the sketch

one with birthdays

This is why i don't print my own photos, birthday photos are always bad, candlelight or dark early mornings for present unwrapping and the you get my printer involved which seem to have eaten part of Stanley in the last two pictures ) made my own bunting and used the holes left from punching

one with food

I made this cake for our streets cake competition and I was devastated it did not win, it's coffee and walnut with extra chocolate ganache in the middle. I was so proud of it I had to scrap it and who doesn't love cake.

Two for me

Just two pages I made for me, no challenge, no sketch,

The second one is about the battle I have every day with Nancy over her shoes, she always takes them off in the car even when we are only on the school run and we always argue about what she wears, ie wellies in mid summer, pumps in the rain, sandals when it's chilly, you get the picture.

I made the background myself and the Spanish girl page id=s from my favourite magazine here called Flow which always has free paper items

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The one with seasonal paper

Every year I buy paper for Christmas because it's cute and never get round to using it. I have even been known to buy Halloween paper and I live in a country that doesn't celebrate it. Even when we were in the UK the photos were so bad in the dark that it wasn't worth the effort to scrap them.

This week then I found two sites challenging you to use stash out of season. So here were my efforts. Halloween paper for bug hunting and christmas paper (from Cosmo Cricket) for the summer

A Dutch Dare- scrap your childhood

I found this old LP in the one and only charity shop in Hilversum today, it took me right back to the day when we were all crowed round someone's walk man ( I think it was Kerry's) listening to this album on the school field ( dressed in that lovely uniform in the photo)

A studio Calico effort

I did this for the Studio Calico Recipe challenge
you have to use...
3 photos
Kraft card
ledger paper
a frame and misters
(there are no misters on here but I have none and have no intention of starting on another whole area of technique that will involve me buying 16 different varieties because I need all the colours)

How did this not win?

I don't normally bother people with my ordinary life on here but I entered this cake in the taartwedstrijd ( cake competition) at out straatfeest this weekend ( street party). How did this not win? I'll tell you how. It wasn't about flavour but about decoration, the winner had a toy car stuck on top!

One for Sketchy Thursday

I have found so many new challenge sites this week and here is yet another. I am not very good at using sketches, I don't know how far I can break away from the original sketch without it becoming unrecognisable so in the end I change nothing and end up disappointed. I thought I'd try again with sketches and I'm quite pleased with this one. The sketch itself is below, my printer is rubbish and I never have small prints as a result so I have used little squares of paper instead of 8 photos.9.16 sketch challenge

one for Chicken Soup

Here is my LO for recipe 12 on the Chicken Soup Challenge blog. The challenge was to use this image as inspiration.

I love the square with the image of Audrey in it but I like to have space on my LO so I shrunk down the size and stuck it in the corner. I also used the idea of a cut out figure and the size of text. This man is on a street organ in the museum in Utrecht that we love to visit. ( Musem van speelklok to pierement)

Monday, 20 September 2010

A sketch for Sarah

This a very poor photo of this LO but what can you do when the nights are drawing in? The sketch is below but I seem to have changed from squares to strips of paper. This is Arthur and Nancy huddled under an umbrella this summer as we sheltered from the rain at the Festival of History.

Lay Outs I posted elsewhere

I am not always very good at putting LOs on here that are posted direct on other sites, I am on the design team for Journaling Junkie and I always forget to post my LOs on her as well. And every week ( well almost) I have a go at the challenges on Color Combos Galore and the Color Room and again I forget to post them on here. So Here I am just catching up.
So in order they are
1. Journaling Junkie scrap an achievement
2. Journaling Junkie Scrap something home-made
3. Journaling Junkie Scrap something home-made ( bridesmaids dresses)
4. Color Combos Galore #160

A sketch for A Trip Down Memory Lane

This LO is for a sketch challenge On the A Trip Down Memory Lane Blog. This sketch didn't work for me for a number of reasons, I like to leave space on my LOs and I never have small photos as my printer is too rubbish. I thought I could use it any way on a smaller scale. I saw this patchwork technique on a few LOs recently and I thought it would work for the squares around the design. I also liked the strips for journalling in the middle of the squares so they are in as well and I still have my space!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Favourite Techniques

This is for the latest challenge on the American crafts blog

I've tried to use as many as I can on this LO
1. sewing onto the LO
2. hot glue gun action!
3. cutting embellishments from the paper (owl. tree, flower)
4. Making paper flowers (three different kinds and hence the hot glue gun action)
5. cutting people out from the photographs
,6. punched borders

American crafts- paper from Dear Lizzy, craft fair and letterbox range
Dear Lizzy and Letterbox ribbon
and of course Thickers