Saturday, 29 October 2011

little things


One using Shimelle's starting point for this week

It's a very simple one this week- Just three strips of paper on a background sheet- look see

 scrapbook page starter

I started with the base papers and then found the journalling spot- the little birds on it inspired me to use a picture of Arthur chasing birds near the Waag in Amsterdam

Then I added a picture of him on the roof terrace at Nemo in Amsterdam - just running about enjoying the steps! So that's why I called it Little things because despite the fact we were on an outing to Amsterdam, visiting museums and exciting places Arthur loved the little things we found to do

mini monster

I made this one yesterday but had to wait for the light to get a good photo- its for the Sketchy Thursday challenge- I love this simple sketch- I think you may see me use this again ( and again)

The photo is Nancy aged about 6 months eating some concoction of green and orange food- I suppose I could have gone with a Halloween colour theme - but I love how the flower paper picks up on all the colours in the photo including the red and blue

Friday, 28 October 2011

spooky treats

A late entry for the challenge at Artastic this month- the painting for inspiration is Dr Jekyll's hideaway- ( shown below) with the added criteria of a house, tree and a spooky feel- well I squeezed on a house and printed a tree onto card but I'm not sure I got a spooky feel- but I did get a spooky subject.

The photos are from a school Halloween party a few years ago- they don't celebrate Halloween in Holland so the school tried to make a big deal of it for the many American children.  The parents made a Halloween spread which included ( look closely at the pictures) Spiders' blood cheesecake, mummy's fingers, mummy face pizza, guacamole  brains and dead men's fingers( only two were mine- the mummy's fingers and the mummy face pizzas)

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

that's neat- I really love those dirty feet

This Lo is for the latest challenge over at twisted Sketches- hop over to the Twisted site if you want see what the sketch looks like. 

The twist this time is black- probably intended for something spooky at this time of year- but I went for the colour of Nancy's feet during the summer- always a constant colour black from playing in the garden bare foot

Thursday, 20 October 2011


Just a quick post - a LO of an old photo of Nancy drawing aged about 10 months- she's still left handed and she still loves to draw and write although I can't get her to use left handed scissors she just uses ordinary scissors with her right hand

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Just playing with my new ampersand misting mast- unfortunately I'm now out of white mist- really need more-this LO is called cook and the photo is Stanley helping himself to the toaster. I only realised he and his brother new what to do with it when I was laying in bed one morning in the school holiday and could smell the toast cooking which was suspicious as my husband had already left for work.

Saturday, 15 October 2011


we are back to the alphabet challenge over at Scrapbookers Anonymous- and we've reached the letter C- in my case its C for Cosmo Cricket and Crate Paper- I reached into the dark recesses of my paper pile and found the Cosmo Cricket Dutch Girl Line which I used for the base of the LO and and the titles.

The journalling is about the fact that I have so many photos that are just plain cute but that have no story to tell or much reason to journal about them on a page

Friday, 14 October 2011

inspired by chocolate

Using my Counterfeit kit again for their latest challenge- this time because its that Halloween time of year the challenge is to use candy to inspire the LO-

Now my favourite chocolate is Cadbury's Dairy Milk and as you can see its purple
thankfully there was one piece of purple paper in my kit- well actually it was the reverse side that was purple- so i gutted the middle of the paper, used the reverse side as a background, matted the middle onto some white card so I had both sides visible on the LO

I added the teal for a pop of a different colour and used some silver letters to remind me of the silver paper its wrapped in

face of concentration

So its shimelle's sketch time again. My version is pretty similar to the sketch, I just moved the circle around a little-

I love these photos of Nancy from a while back- you can just see the concentration in her eyes as she is destroying the foam padding round the trampoline Maybe I should have stopped her but I couldn't resist a photo first- the journalling is about the destruction reeked on our poor trampoline by Nancy and the boys

scrapbooking sketch

Thursday, 13 October 2011

using it

So yesterday i got my Counterfeit kit together and today I rustled up this LO with it. I added a little smidgen of washi tape and some punched circles of paper - otherwise everything was in my kit- I cut my floral ribbon up to separate out my flowers and stuck each on their own spot. 

practice makes perfect

searching through some old photos I found this one of Stanley in the park on a Sunday afternoon. we used to live in Evesham and every summer Sunday they had a brass band concert- it was lovely to go and sit in the sun and listen to the music- This photo was taken when my Nan came to visit- she was recovering from cancer and quite frail-  so Stanley was using her walking stick to help him get walking!

this one id for Sketchy Thursdays latest sketch


Sarah's Cards are asking you to get inspired by Pinterest for their latest challenge- they've selected a few of their favourite pins to inspire and it just so happens that I was inspired by one of  exact same pins last week. 

This is the LO I made based on this cute stitched heart image ( below) from Pintereset- I've only just noticed the buttons on the other one- i think I might need to go back and add a couple!
pedals art

Beatlemania- Abbey Road

My latest challenge at Scrap it With a Song is up- and this time its a little different- a photo challenge rather than a song and its lyrics
And here it is- the front of the Abbey Road album by the Beatles

What I really wanted to do was take a photo of my three in similar pose to the album cover but My printer doesn't work and I didn't leave myself enough time to get one done elsewhere- so second best I found a photo of them on the beach where they are in outline IYKWIM

I then used strips of paper to mimic the zebra crossing on the album cover and to top it of chose a Beatles song title for my title- "here comes the Sun" which is actually from the Abbey Road album

Why don't you see what you can come up with?

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


So here is my Counterfeit kit for October- sorry about the picture but the nights are drawing in and its already dark outside.
I've gone American Crafts heavy on the paper- as the paper in the kit was mostly from American Crafts
 Here's a close up of the journalling spots and butterflies I stamped for my embellishments and my flower ribbon ( mainly because they are in shadow in the top photo)
this is the kit I'm copying - from Little red scrapbook

memory store

Here Is my latest submission for  the Twisted sketches design team- you'll have to pop over to  the Twisted blog ( use the link at the side) to see the actual sketch but I can tell you the twist is envelope

So I made myself an envelope from double sided paper and managed to fit five photos in there and get them off my to scrap pile
I called the Lo "memory store" because of the envelope and the five photos squeezed inside and as a nod to the fact that i store all of my photos in envelopes before I scrap them.
And just to show you how frugal a scrapper I can be- this is what my circle looks like underneath-  I had a full sheet of this star paper and a small piece of scrap. I decided to make a circle from the scrap bit and  save the sheet for another day so I left spaces where the other paper would cover it

EEk- That Hair

Ok so in my Secondary school you got two school photos one when you started and one when you got to your last compulsory year- this is me aged 16 in what was then called the fifth year ( now year 11)- you can see the earlier photo on the LO HERE

This is for the school photo challenge over at Another Freakin Scrappy challenge Just like the last one I did I used an album cover for the background paper- this time it was one I had stashed in the garage- I don't even remember this band or album any of the songs and now I have no way to play it! I think I might need to look on You tube!

The album cover is really cool- It has a circular acetate overlay that spins round over the stripped background

This photo of me was the one that my Nan had on her mantlepiece for years- if you look closely it's sun faded because of the frame it was in. 

Oh and I'm not really embarrassed by the hair in the photo- I was quite pleased with how i looked at the time! 

Paleis op het Dam

This Lo is for the Sketchy Thursday sketch for this week-

It's Nancy running round a huge map of the world on the marble floor of the Royal Palace on Dam Square in Amsterdam.
I love the blur of the photo from the low light and lack of flash 
10.6 sketch challenge

don't look if you're easily offended

I've lumped the two embarrassing LOs of Stanley into one post. I started on the Lo at the bottom and then thought hey I might as well scrap the other embarrassing photo from the same day out while I'm at it- I might as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb - as they used to say

this first Lo is for the Shimelle starting point for this week
Stanley absolutely insisted I take a picture of him posing in front of a case full of Ancient penises at the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam
I'm wondering why they want to put them on display in the first place- I'm Ok with them in situ on the statue as it were but to put them in a display case on their own?

The photo itself is quite funny as you can see Arthur in the reflection of the glass cackling as his brother is posing!
This was Shimelle's Staring point
scrapbooking starting point

This second Lo is for the Sketchy Thursday Sketch and is about the same day as the LO above- Amsterdam is littered with pissoirs - Stanley insisted on using this one we came across - whilst wearing his new shoes - and I had to take a photo- maybe its my fault he wanted the second picture taken as well!
This is the sketch- I've changed things round a bit- one photo instead of three and a jaunty angle!

10.6 sketch challenge

Monday, 10 October 2011

Thankful for - the spare bed at 2am

This is for the November guest  design team challenge at Sketchy Thursday- along with the sketch below the challenge was to add a list of things your thankful for and at least five leaves- I guess the leaves on the fussy cut October Afternoon paper count but there are some more on one of the strips of paper too.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Mr cRAzy

the photo of this LO doesn't really do it justice - its based on the Pencil Lines sketch for this week. The sketch is long and thin so I took that shape and put it onto a 12x12 LO and journalled at the side. I used just two shapes on my LO and then popped some tiny circles on 3D foam over some of the polka dots

I'm back to some baby photos of Arthur and I went with a picture of him yelling like a crazy baby

love this silly face

I feel a little naughty about this one- i combined two challenges in one- A sketch from Sassy Lil Sketches and the October challenge over at Scrap the Girls

Scrap the Girls asks you to scrap a LO that combines the word Love in the title and some distressing- now distressing is not my strong point- I get the jitters when i think of trying to damage a new pristine piece of scrap paper- its not so bad if its already a bit bent or the children have walked on it  but a whole new piece! eek! Antway there is slight distressing round all the edges and the title is " Love that funny face"- Its based on this sketch from the Sassy countdown

My childhood faves c 1979

This is for the latest challenge over at Journalling Junkie- to scrap your favourite cartoon character- i wasn't sure I had one until I went back to the very simple cartoons of my early childhood

 My Printer has gone mental ( even a change of ink has not worked) The pictures I wanted to print out for this LO are all yellow as you can see from the photo but hopefully it doesn't matter too much as they are to go on tags that are hidden in the LO so they can wait until its working1

My LO is called c1979 and its about the cartoons I loved as a kid

each tag has a photo and a short description of the cartoon and a seventh tag has some general thoughts
so here is what is on each tag

1. Bod
Bod had the most fantastic theme tune- very bad animation and a frog who lead an animal band and was rewarded with milkshake. Bod had an Aunt Flo and he was completely bald
find him on you tube here here

2. Mr Benn
MR Ben-he's here
Mr Benn lived on his own- everyday ( it seems) he went to a fancy dress shop and when he tried something on he went through a door to an adventure ( until the shopkeeper appeared). Another great theme tune and a fab voiceover- 

3. Ivor the Engine

Ivor the Engine- here
Ivor was a Welsh Engine on the The Merioneth and Llantisilly Rail Traction Company Limited and was driven by Jones the Steam- he was good friends with a Dragon called Idris who had hatched in his boiler- 

4. Jamie and the Magic torch
Jamie! Jamie!

Jamie and the Magic Torch

Down the helter skelter, faster and faster,

Towards Cuckoo Land.

Wordsworth! Wordsworth!

Following hard behind.

Ready for adventure, always there to lend a paw

...or hand!

these were the lyrics to the theme tune!)

Jamie and the Magic torch- here

5. Noggin the Nog

Noggin the Nog- here
Noggin the Nog was the hero and Nogbad the bad was the villain. These were stories of old norse (ish) mythology, dragons and princesses   

6. Mr Men

Mr men- here

The Mister Men were voiced by Arthur Lowe which was part of the magic of the programme which wasn't much more animated than the pages of the books they came from

last tag
The cartoons I loved most as a child were very gentle, no battling skeletons or fighting warriors. Just very simple quiet stories of steam ttrains, dragons, and adventures in a clothes shop, animal bands and milkshakes of your choice. The voiceovers and music were also fantastic and bring back so many memories when I search for them on You Tube

I love pictures

Unlike Sue I am not a collector of quotes- I don't think I've ever come across a quote that i thought I'd like to remember- so when this challenge came along I was totally stumped- I googled qoutes but there were just too many, and after reading half a dozen that were too twee I gave up.

Pinterest finally came to my rescue with this beauty " I love pictures because the best thing about them is they never change even when the people in them do"- What a great quote to use on pitures of my little boy when he was just a baby. ( he's 6 now)

fall in love

This one is for Creative Scrappers sketch- it didn't turn out as I expected- I'm having major issues with my printer but I was sure I has a few small prints of last autumn in my box of photos- so I happily started sticking and glueing and stitching and then i couldn't find the photos- well I gave up after about 20 minutes of searching and I'd found this cutie to use instead- so instead of being a fall photo its now "fall in Love"! He he!