Thursday, 31 January 2013

Smile on your face

People don't seem to believe that I can scrap quickly but I really do. I started this LO at 2.25 and it is now 2.50 and I am uploading it to my blog. I have to admit I haven't journalled on it yet but that time did include me googling the lyrics for the song I was supposed to use for inspiration.

this LO is for Scrap it With a Song and the song this time is As Long AS You Love Me by Justin Bieber. As soon as I saw it was a Justin Bieber song I knew I had to make a LO of Arthur. Arthur does not like Justin Bieber- he doesn't get songs about love and has taken to refering to Bieber as Dustbin Beaver.

There was a perfect phrase in the lyrics "smile on your face" which  went so well with this bonkers picture of Arthur. He was learning about the Ancient Egyptians at school recently so he was really excited to go to the British Museum and see the Mummys, the hieroglpyhs and the Rosetta Stone.

 I will add journalling either in the top patch of Kraft paper or the orange and kraft section at the bottom when i find a suitable pen.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

stay indoors or go outside?

this was my dilemma last weekend

saty indoors in the warm
or go outside in the snow
these two LOs were made for the challenge at Child's Play- paper snowflakes

for each LO i made a set of three paper snowflakes to run as a border down my page
I used the same snowflakey October Afternoon Paper
and I printed three instagram photo
on the top LO the phots are my feet in the snow, our snow covered street and the backgarden in a very thick covering of snow

in the bottom picture I have pictures of Nancy when we were out sledging in our neighbouring country park

Saturday, 26 January 2013

baboon kidney- I'm nuts

Had about an hour and a half to scrap this afternoon so managed a few LOs based on Shimelle's sketches and starting points. 
This one is one of the starting points. I love the random things that my kids do. This photo is Nancy in Halloween glasses with a half deflated modelling balloon strapped to her chin. She was calling it a baboons kidney based on the movie "the Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists"

So the card with I'm nuts on it was always going to work perfectly with this photo.

London Town and Lucky Me

This LO came from Shimelle's starting point. You can see my version of the starting point below. And above you can see how I finished it. (Well still need to journal but couldn't find the pen)

The photo is an Instagram from our winter trip to London. It's the rest of the family on the millennium bridge with St Paul's cathedral in the background as we were on our way to Tate Modern. We are so lucky here with the number of museums that are free to visit. It's so good with the kids because you don't fell you need to see everything and spend hours trudging round. A few highlights, a toilet trip and you can save the rest until next time.

The starting point

French Fare

So this Lo comes from Shimelle's latest sketch. it has two photos in quadrants. I decided to use smaller instagrams and then back my square onto some other patterned paper. the phot is a bit pale ( dratted dark nights and flash) but the background id a patterned paper. i then tried to embellish with some colours from the photos.

the photos are from last summer- these crackers we bought in France to eat with the cheese- they were massive and a bit flavourless so not very popular but my goodness they were pretty and worth a few photos

Monday, 21 January 2013

London Trails

And final bad photo for today- this LO is for one of Shimelle's sketches for this weekend. I finally used up a couple of the photos from the summer of our trails round LOndon to find the statues of the Olympic and Paralympic mascots Wenlock and Mandeville. I have literally hundreds of photos with the dozens that we found- at least I have scrapped two.

I@ve added the actual photos below as the flash obscures them on the LO. But you will need to crane your neck or flip your lap top to see them properly as somehow they keep flipping themselves :(

holiday photo

This LO is for Stuck Sketches- again sorry about the bad photo- I boosted the shadows on it a bit to try and show the colour a bit better- just a LO with a lovely photo of the three of them on our holiday in Belgium last summer

what do you think?

I made this LO for the colour challenge at Kraft it Up. The challenge was Kraft and orange,pink,white and blue. I picked up the blue paper at the Tate Modern Gallery in London. It's their form for comments and I thought to would be great to scrap with. 
The LO is about a photmI took of Arthur in a shopping centre in France. He looked at me as if I was bonkers when I wanted to take a picture of a restaurant called Flunch. I'm struggling with the dark nights to get some good pictures hence the close up of the LO to show the look of contempt and confusion on Arthur's face. The phot of Flunch is below.


Another night time photo sorry. This LO is for White with One. The challenge is white with aqua and red and a photo from the summer. This was Stanley in August at the Olympic Park. At 7.30 in the morning when we arrived the place was quite quiet a good time for a photo with the stadium in the background.

Saturday, 19 January 2013


A random Lo about the Olympic Flame from our seats in the Olympic stadium

Friday, 18 January 2013

i will wait

LAte again- you'd think I'd learn- but my scrap room is unheated and its below freezing outside so Ithink I can be forgiven for not getting round to things

This LO is for the challenge at Scrap it With a Song- the challenge I will Wait by Mumford and Sons

I used the title for a LO about our trip to Lego Land- I took the photo of Stanley when we were standing bored in a queue- I love the look on face of  the grumpy girl in the background

the Ferris whell tag is from tin toy I bought this week

Thursday, 17 January 2013


This is the LO I made for the latest sketch challenge at Sarahs cards ( here is a link to Sarahs cards and blog)
You can hop over there to see the sketch - last month I was lucky enough to win the prize

The LO is about a family christening in September- it has been  a long time  since I met up with all my extended family so it was lovely to see everyone and go back to my home village- the event was held in the same church and pub where my christening was held in 1974.

Big Ben

OK not such a great photo but a LO made for Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge sketch

AS you can see I changed things a bit and used two square photos

The LO is about our trip to London before the Olympics- we went hunting for statues of the Olympic and Paralympic mascots- this one was painted as Big Ben so I coupled the picture with a picture of Big Ben and the houses of Parliament from one of our trips on the London Eye

medal winner

Sohere is a LO for the Sketch challenge ocer at Dutch dares- you can see the sketch below and a link to the blog- even if you don't read Dutch there is some lovely inspiration and google usually offers the option to translate anyway.
 I started following when I lived in Holland and I still like to participate

this LO is another from our trip to the Paralympics. While we were having our food one of the medal winning cyclists decided to pop in for a traet after her win with her medal on. the photo shows her with her silver medal and then one with the boys in the background.
I google her today to find out her name and while doing so I found someone else picture of her in the same spot with my daughter's hand holding the medal :)

Her name is Alyda Norbruis  from the Netherlands and she came second in the c 1-2-3 500m time trial

dutch dares


this one was for Scrap the Boys the challenge was the boys favourite summer activity being a Southern Hemisphere challenge site- We in the north are suffering snow but my boys love cricket all year round- they are currently going to indoor winter training and in the summer they love to play as often as they can

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

tag you're it

the latest challenge at Scrap OUr Stash is to use tags on your LO. 
I went a little to town with the tags on my LO- there are
 tweleve in all- some are punched tags and don't have the hole 
in them but I think they still count.
 I chose the paper as it went with the pattern of my daughter's
 dress and then I went from there using scraps and bits and bobs 
to finish it off.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Union Jack

I didn't think this challenge for child's Play would be so difficult. The challenge is the game of Jacks. I remember being really bad at it as a kid and being wowed by my Mum's abilities.
I racked my brains to think of a way of using the game in a LO but couldn't think of one so instead I just took the name Jack for the title of my LO and made this one about Nancy drawing on a plastic Union Jack sheet at the Olympics

Sunday, 6 January 2013

call me.....

 This LO is for the latest challenge over at Scrap it with a song. The song is Call Me Maybe. 
My LO is about the name Nancy wishes she had. She likes to add things to her name. Given a choice she would be.......
Nancy May Pink Princess Each Peach Pear Plum pink purple butterfly Williams

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


inspired by the movie TEd- which is the movie poster inspiration over at From Screen to Scrap for January- I made this LO
the challenge is to use the movie poster for inspiration and
1. white card
2. a one word large title
3. a teddy

I may have cheated a little in that I have some small letters to make the title longer but I wanted to make a LO about my son's teddy- he is 10 now but the teddy lives down the side of his bed between the wall and the mattress and I'm not allowed to move it.