Wednesday, 29 February 2012

happy by the sea

the latest sketch is up at Twisted sketches- follow the link at the side to go and see the rest of the gorgeous inspiration  and the sketch itself. the twist this time is leap- well it had to be for a sketch going live today didn't it?

Ok so it might not be obvious where my "leap" comes in but I hate cutting into photos when I've had them printed so I'm calling this a leap of faith to use my punch on the photo- I wasn't sure if it would work out but I think it looks Ok if a little wonky. what do you think?

changing every day

so this Lo is for Scrap it with a Song latest challenge- the song is Dreams by the Cranberries and inspired by the lyric- changing everyday- and the fact it was Nancy's birthday on the day I made this - I decided to make a LO showing how Nancy has changed over the last five years- I printed a picture of her around her birthday from each year and then layered up some bits and bobs of stuff

Sunday, 26 February 2012

photo booth

A late entry for the Artastic challenge blog this month- finally I found a few hours this week to do some scrapping- aided by a sick child and an enforced day off work.

the challenge at Artastic is to use a red colour scheme with a touch of green, a red heart and a black and white photo- I forgot the black and white photo so i ended up printing a strip of three extra photos to add onto the LO to fulfil the requirements

Saturday, 25 February 2012

love this girl

the photo is NAncy standing in front of the window at our friends house- he lives in the attic of a huge mansion house- and the views across the countryside are amazing- Nancy is standing in front of the shuttered windows gazing at the boys playing football on the croquet lawn- I'm sure there is some law against that!

the LO is for Scrap the Girls- the challenge this month was a LO about love but using turquoise and chipboard- I think I fulfilled the requirements

google earth

Yesterday I got a call at work- I'd only been there 15 minutes- Arthur had been sick at before school care- I needed to go and pick him up.

I spent the rest of the day feeling like a really bad person- I had three choices once Arthur was settled and asleep
1. tidy the house
2. do some work
3. scrap
what did I do? scrap of course but as a consequence I felt guilty while I was doing it- which was not great for the creative juices- still I made four LOs and got an hour or so today to make another 2

This one is for Scrap the Boys- using a sketch

Now I know there are technically no boys on the picture but it is about Stanley. the arrow is pointing to Stanley's bike. the picture was taken while he was playing at his friend Ben's house and his bike was parked outside- but what is really cool is that the photo is printed from Google Earth- Stanley's playdate is captured forever on the net

Friday, 24 February 2012

snap shot

I made this LO for Scrap your Crap- the challenge this time is stamps- you need to use at least three- I have four on here- my large butterfly, the camera, the frame and I also stamped the shape onto the foam heart thicker

The LO has a photo of Nancy taking a photo of me taking a photo of her- she's using Stanley's camera while he was outside playing football

with 5p in my pocket

This is a photo of me- aged about 9 ( I think) as a Brownie) I can't remember why we were all at the church holding the pennant but I don't think it could be Thinking Day ( which is February) or Rememberance day ( which is November) as it looks to warm

Anyway the photo is outside the church and I was one of the supporters of the pennant- along with Susie Waring.  the title refers to the fact that as a Brownie you were supposed to have a 5P in your purse at all times in case you needed to make a phone call in an emergancy.

This Lo is for the challenge at Another Freaking Scrapbooking Challenge  which is a sketch along with something related to Brownies, Guides, Scout, Cubs etc

twisting round on the carousel

I thought I'd try something a bit different for the latest challenge at at Scrapping the Music- well new for me! I drew round some old large chipboard letters to make part of the title and then layered the rest of the title on top of it.

the photo itself is from last year when we went to the Open Air Museum in Arnhem for the winter opening  they have a great minter experience with skating and sledging and  a carousel- its only a year ago but Nancy looks like such a tiny little dot in the picture

cold but happy

we went away for a week last week as it was half term holiday. So in a cold February we sat by the sea eating ice creams

this LO is for the challenge at Punky Scraps- this time round its a get picky challenge- they give you a list of things and you pick a few from it
so I chose
no pink
three squares
three circles
hexagons ( well the patterned paper has hexagons)
and small photos

Thursday, 16 February 2012

as you turn around

Scrap it with a song has a new challenge- the romantic "Take my Breath Away" by Berlin from Top GUn. So what did I do- take the line "as you turn around" and use a picture of Nancy's nappy covered butt waving in the air!

If you want to see the other inspiration from the design team use the link to the side and hop over to the Scrap it with a Song Blog-

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

old man of the sea

The latest challenge for Twisted sketches is live- with the twist old- hop over to the Twisted site by following the link at the side to see the other inspiration from the team

My Lo is about Arthur and his love of the sea- Ok the "old" twist might not be obvious but the journalling calls him the old man of the sea


What an exciting day it is today! It's my son's birthday today and my first submission for the DT over at the Child's Play blog. So excited to be part of another team ( at the moment being on a design team is the only thing that keeps me scrapping!)

the inspiration this week is the lovely book - Guess how much I love you- you might have already realised that if you looked at the title of my LO- but I wasn't only inspired by the title- I also loved the soft pastel colours of the book so I went with those colours too-

you can be inspired any way you want by the inspiration- its going to be a toy, game or book- so why not hop over to the blog to have a look- click HERE


How did I forget to post this?

Monday, 13 February 2012


why do I never seem to have a minute for scrapping anymore- oh yes its because I'm working full time- I had a couple of hours on Saturday and managed a few LOs for my design teams and only one for a challenge- this one is for Kraft it Up= the challenge- love, pink and kraft- a perfect chance to doa bit of the quilting thing that seems to be everywhere at the moment

the title- love silly photos

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Leap jump bounce

The February challenge at Scrap Our Stash this month is another one that leaves you with plenty of free reign to use your imagination.... Its February of a leap year so the challenge is LEAP- in whichever way you want to interpret it

I've been a little bit literal and used some photos of Nancy on the bouncy castle at my Sister's wedding ( hence the inappropriate dress)

I used a barcode strip to underline the title  and that's where I used the word leap to fit with the challenge

Thursday, 2 February 2012


So the Scrapping the Music challenges for this month are all taken from Oscar winning songs- it was hard to narrow down our choices from the list of past winners but we have some great ones lined up- the first is FAlling slowly from the movie "Once"

I chose the line "you have a choice" I thought it was a great sentiment for a beautiful picture of my son-

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


I hate the winter nights- I hate that I am working full time and I can't get a good photo of my LOs until the weekends- I can't wait until I can get some lighter evenings for both my LO photos and my project 366 photos

This LO is for the latest challenge at Twisted sketches- the twist is Promise- the photos are of our recent trip to London- I am desperate to go back again with the kids to see some of the sights again- so the title of this is "Promise we can go back soon"

EDit- a new improved better daylight photo- you can now see the man with the magnificent beard

If you want to see the inspiration from all the other DT members- follow the link at the side- you can get to see the sketch there too

Valentine challenge From Screen 2 Scrap

the latest challenge at From Screen 2 Scrap for February has to have a valentines theme- what else- so Shazza has chosen the poster for VAlenitne's day the movie

This LO uses photos from our recent visit to see my sister and her new baby- my three were desperate to have a hold and were crowding round a screaming baby trying to get a cuddle!

Shazza'a criteria are
black card
10 little photos (at least)
and two hearts

I had run out of black card so I had to use the back of a page I started a long time ago but never finished! so that's one of the criteria- I printed out 10 tiny pictures as a contact sheet and cut them up to make a pattern with them and then hand cut a couple of hearts in the right colour

this is the poster

love hearts

This one is the Scrapbookers AnonymousFebruary challenge- agreValentines challenge- use at least three hearts and some stitching

- I cut out four large hearts from coordinating October Afternoon paper and then stuck them to some kraft cardstock and cut them out- I then stitched round the inside of the heart ( you can just about see the threads dangling) and stuck the whole lot onto a lighter shade of kraft card

I used a couple of photos of Nancy and a few embellies- simple

Why not go over to the Scrapbookers Anonymous blog and have a look at all the other inspiration- use the link at the side