Monday, 14 February 2011

I'm done- should I worry?

This Lo is for Pencil Lines latest sketch-

It's about Nancy- she starts school soon and at the moment at home she hardly eats anything for her lunch - last week I took a photo of her plate once she had finished- two bites of sandwich, one bite of cucumber and one of cheese- I'm envisioning a chat with the teacher not long after she starts " I'm a little concerned about how much she eats at school- we can't get her to eat anything" we shall see how it goes!

this is the sketch


  1. Great take on the sketch!! I'm sure your little one will pick up with her eating eventually. I found my girls went through many periods of net eating so much then to eating waaay too much!

  2. I really like your page. I wouldn't worry too much about your little one, she will soon eat when she sees the others at school !!

  3. Thanks for taking part in this weeks Pencil Lines sketch. Kids are funny eaters, she probaly is too busy chatting with her frineds and wnats to go and play than eat lunch!