Thursday, 29 September 2011

thinking about our younger years

Well my latest challenge at Scrap it With a Song is Bryan Adams- Heaven- I had to go to You tube because I didn't know I knew it!

I took the line "thinking about all our younger years" as my inspiration and used a photo of me as a toddler in a very fetching bonnet swimsuit combination. The photo is taken in the back garden of our house- hence the title 13 House Lane- and its me, my Godmother and her son in the picture- it brings back lots of memories of our house, the garden and my friend who lived in the garden that backed onto ours

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

these should be mine

(please scroll down if you are looking for the bog hop!)

Its that Twisted sketch time  again- this time the twist is punch- so I've used a few border punches and a tag punch on my LO. I also used a Hambly rub on sweet jar as an embellishment
Its called Can these be Mine? just look at the lashes on Arthur- so long and dark- wasted on a boy. I took the photo on a long drive back from a museum while he fell asleep in the car next to me.

If you want to see the sketch go to Twisted and have a look

stamping technique- well if you squint a bit

And welcome to the Counterfeit Kit blog hop for September
( if you are just starting here you might want to hop back to the START)

The challenge this month was to use a stamping technique- I feel a bit of  a fraud because I'm not really one for technique- but I do sometimes do a bit of stamping- and in this case I stamped onto patterned paper to make my butterfly embellishments

The LO is about our trip last autumn to Lake Como in Italy- I loved the soft colours of the photos so used similar soft colours in my LO. I made my mini banner and the triangle at the top with offcuts from a chevron LO I made earlier in the week- its HERE if you're interested

ANd your next stop on the hop is the lovely Angela

Monday, 26 September 2011

three for me

These three were really just made for me- no challenges- no design teams  
 the first was inspired by a LO by Shimelle using the American Crafts paper                            

The second inspired  by the lovely yellow paper by Amy tangeringe that I wanted to show off

And the third another attempt at chevrons- I like them but they are a bit time consuming - and I'm not the neatest of scrappers so they don't quite match up- but from a distance they look great- you may be seeing more of them!

while I was waiting three

And on to the third version of Shimelle's starting point
On Sunday Arthur played in just his second football match- he was in goal for the first half and he looked petrified- he was so nervous he could barely move of his goal line- he let in two goals and then the opposition was awarded a penalty- luckily Arthur saved it and after that his confidence was boosted and he did much better- making a great save- this photo is of him looking scared out of his wits early in the match.

And another of Arthur- this was him seconds after his first tooth fell out  after biting on a piece of melon
it was our last day before our stuff was packed for the move - so Arthur had to decide whether the tooth fairy brought him pounds or Euros!

while I was waiting 2

If you saw the last post you'll know I rustled up a few LOs today- three of which were based on the Shimelle starting point for this week. this LO is of Arthur sitting balanced on a stool watching a movie- he reminds me of one of the pole sitters from the 1920s balanced way up high  - scroll down if you want to see the other one                    
This one was a second for the Creative Scrappers sketch-the squirrel - is cut out using an old die cut sheet- I love the silly look on Stanley's face in the picture

While I was waiting 1

Don't you just hate days when you have to wait in for a delivery? That was me today. Is it just me or do you get to the stage where you daren't go to the toilet because you know as soon as you sit down the doorbell will ring? ( I'm sure its just me) Well while waiting and in between darting into the garden to hang out washing, hoping the doorbell wouldn't ring then, I rustled up eight LOS. 

The first is for Creative Scrappers using sketch 175 . I changed it round a bit- there's only one photo and fewer strips but i think its still basically the same. The photo is Arthur playing with one of those plasma ball things at Nemo museum in Amsterdam.         

This one is for Shimelle's starting point for this week ( see below)
This one was actually my third version of the starting point so its changed a little bit- i love this photo of Nancy with the boys slightly blurred in the background

scrapbook starting points

Saturday, 24 September 2011


My last challenge of the month as guest designer at PUnky Scraps this time they are calling the challenge get picky as they have a list of criteria that you can use two or more of.
I chose
black and white image
monochrome LO
three staples
( but there are more- go to PUnky Scraps to see the rest of the list and the rest of the designs)
this first one has three pictures of the boys with their summer obsession - Ninjago) 

this one I started  using the blue colour scheme and the B&W and then realised I had another for the challenge so I added a few staples and e-mailed Nat

I've made a couple of LOs this week with Chevrons - I think I like them :)
its called cool because its about Arthur  keeping cool in the lake this summer

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Shimelle's sketch- and frugal scrapping

this LO is based on the Shimelle sketch for this week
I only had a small square of the AC apple paper but luckily with the 2 4x6 photos it covered the whole page so I could use it
I also only used a thin strip of the beige OA paper on each side to keep with the frugal page

the big apple ( and the small) were from the covers of a note book 
( I already used part of it on a LO a couple of weeks ago it had an apple shaped hole so you could see the apple on here beneath  - see it here)
scrapbooking sketch

with golden hair

this Lo is for the sketch over at Sassy Lil Sketches this week.. Yet again I changed things a bit- I only have one photo but to compensate I have a journalling block in place of one _ i removed all the embellies at the top but what I did love was the opportunity for stripes of paper at the bottom of the LO ( I used various bits from the new Crate Paper Lines)

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

stuck - before I realised

this wasn't meant to turn out like this

It was meant to be the other way up- like the sketch- with the light blue on top- but by the time I realised the light blue was upside down I had stuck it well and truly in place- it wouldn't be so bad but if you look closely there are the names of the constellations all over it and it would bug me to look at it if they were upside down so my LO turned out like this.

it still looks OK

its called Stuck because its Arthur on one of those human fly velcro suit games


This one is for Pencil Lines latest sketch- I have a small pile of brand new CHA papers on my desk that I am desperate to use- but I also have a much larger pile of last CHA papers that if I don't use soon I will never get round to them

This background paper is a STudio Calico paper and I LOVE it- I love all woodgrain papers ( almost as much as I love polka dots) I think they make such great background papers for a LO - almost a neutral

with this sketch I loved the space for a series of photos and the liitle strips of paper- i also liked the idea of a title in two lines but because I only wanted a one word title ( and only had enough letters for a one word title) i broke the word in two hence  " JU 


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

stars across my sky

Scrapping the Music are celebrating their  4th birthday with a re-challenge- back to the original song they started with - its called like a star and the opening line is "just like a star across my sky"

So I  added pictures of all three of my stars , used sparkling silver thickers and the perfect Rocket Age paper from October afternoon with a map of the solar system on it

I'm thinking I'd quite like to frame this paper as a picture for my boys bedroom

depressing fridge

Crate Paper have a challenge this month with the prompt "home"- I'm not sure they had in mind the depressing content of my fridge just days before we moved house when they set this challenge.

I used some of their Farmhouse collection, some Random , some Emma's shoppe and the squirrel is cut out using an old die cut from the Lemon grass collection as a template

Any way to the contents of my fridge. I took the photo just days before we moved house and we were down to essentials for the next few days,  milk, items for dinner and lunch and then various half used jars and bottles of sauces and pickles and stuff that I hadn't got round to throwing away at that point- depressing :(

Monday, 19 September 2011

just one for me

its called 5 reasons- I'm not sure for what- reasons I love her?- reasons I love this picture? reasons I love taking her photo?

the reasons are

1. her eyes
2. her nose
3. her freckles
4. her hair
5. her silly faces

another starting point and one where I recommend a harmonica

I thought I'd have a go at shimelle's starting point again - although I don't really like to make a LO with this many layers of paper on.

find Shimelle's starting point here

I thought I'd photograph my LO at the stage Shimelle got to
                           and  then show you how I finished it off

I added a photo of Nancy from the weekend- I found her in the garden laying on the patio ( exactly where I take my Lo photos) playing the harmonica and looking at the sky
then i added the title, some buttons and a butterfly stamped onto the navy card in white

the thing I find about the Harmonica is that Nancy and the boys can make it sound good even though they don't have the foggiest idea how to play a tune- this is a big bonus- as all parents will know who have listened to other instruments being played by small people. 

Sunday, 18 September 2011


OK here is my effort for the challenge over at Sketchy Thursday this week. Iloved the space for the line of photos at the bottom and decided to print most of them in B&W and just on in colour which I could lift up on 3D foam . I didn't go with the sunburst feel just used some of the Amy Tangerine map paper - maybe its a little too simple but I love it

9.15 sketch challenge

vuntus strand

late, late late,- this moving business really interfered with my scrapping- so this is the latest challenge over at Scrap OUr Stash.  The challenge is to scrap a grid but I chose not to use the grid across the whole page just part of the page. My new camera has a function that allows me to take a panoramic view by panning the camera around a view- I decided to play with the function at the empty beach one day this summer and panned around while my children were running in the lake- if you look closely at the picture you can see a series of images of Nancy and the boys splashing their way around the beach

Friday, 16 September 2011

super fly another punky scrap

this is my second submission as guest designer for PUnky scraps- its a sketch this time

the picture is Arthur on one of those human fly games ( hence the title) where you wear a velcro suit and throw yourself at a velcro wall- stick and then hang there .

 I misted the circles which then made me think of a starry sky? planets so I added a tiny space rocket with a bakers twine trail. 

Too cool for football

This LO is based on the latest sketch over at Stuck 
I chose a random selection of bits of paper with yellow and blue on them to make this LO- I loved this little outfit Arthur put together for himself to play football in the garden- I  loved the combination of his yellow socks and checked shorts. 

the girl has style?

This one is for Get PIcky - they have a sketch challenge at the moment ( you can see it below) the whole premise of Get Picky is to get you to put more than one picture on your LO- so this is mine-
This is typical Nancy- when I took this photo she was in her fourth outfit of the day, draped in about half a dozen necklaces and wearing two Halloween buckets on her head
the title is OUtfit but its a bit hard to see on the photo as its orange on orange- it looks clearer in real life

close up

Do you love these sweets? Do you even know what they are? 
they're called spogs and they are a weakness  of mine
I keep a kilner jar of them in my cupboard ( its empty at the moment)
but before I emptied it i took a photo of them

and then made this Lo with them
it is for Shimelle's sketch challenge this week ( seE below)

scrapbooking sketch

Thursday, 15 September 2011

mini golf

The Pencil LInes sketch this week is a lovely simple one- but that didn't stop me changing it

I started ( as I usually do )  with the paper- I cut the middle out of the patterned paper so I could use both sides of the sheet- its only once I stuck things down that I decided to make it a boy page- flowers are good for boys too he?
I chose to use four photos instead of one and switched round the position of the title- but the basic shape of the papers are still there
Sketch 251

sketch and a bit

The Sassy Lil sketch for this week was another opportunity to bust open my Counterfeit kit- they have a challenge to make your own background paper with stamps but I already had this great paper languishing in my stash from 2006- its made to look like stitches - I reckon it would be very simple to recreate this myself

this is the Sassy sketch
you can see I changed it up a bit- I ditched the banner and only used one photo but I have got the sideways title!

 I just stuck this LO in here as I had nowhere else to put it!

snor- no I haven't spelt it wrong

The first challenge for this month at Counterfeit kit this month is to make your own background paper with a stamp. I bought the moustache stamp from Etsy a while ago and though it would be perfect to use with this photo of Nancy- she seems to think that moustaches go over the nose rather than under it

and Snor? it's the Dutch word for moustache not a spelling mistake- isn't it a great word for moustache? I think so


Were on the second alphabet challenge over at Scrapbookers Anonymous- this month its B so here is my list of Bs form my LO

1. Basic Grey paper
2. Bingo card ( from Blokker)
3. Basic grey sticker
4. Blue Butterfly from jenny Bowlin
5. Baker's twine

Why not see what you can make with Bs from your stash

Fix you

Things went a little pear shaped  with Scrap it with a Song and my posting over the summer so I am reposting this now- (in case you have already seen it) and I'm also taking the opportunity to tell you that Scrap it With a Song is looking for a new design team- you have until 20th September to send in your submissions if you are interested- go and have a look at the challenge and the design team entry HERE

The latest challenge from Scrap it with a song is FIx You by Cold Play- I started this LO by playing about with bits of scrap paper on my desk- - I had a section that I had punched out of some strips of paper for another LO so I stuck that on as well- then I found the check cream paper and matted it onto the spots paper from Echo Park

finally I added the flair and the ampersand paper to add a bit of different colour to the LO- follow the link at the side to go and see what the other girls have produced

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

a new start

My latest submission for Twisted sketches is this- the twist is start and what could be better to use than a photo of my three on their first day at a new school- I felt too self conscious to take photos at the school- I was too busy when we got there anyway- but I did manage to get a shot of them lined up (vaguely) in front of the garage before we set of on our bikes to school ( hence the helmets)

I'm not sure who was more nervous me or them- they look quite relaxed in this shot- well it was the only shot i got- they were so desperate to get to school- they started asking if they could leave about an hour before we needed to

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


A quickie based on this sketch by October Afternoon. Instead of two photos I switched them and put the title over the photo. I used three different lines on here- boarding pass, rocket age and campfire
Sep oa sketch