Wednesday, 15 December 2010

colour and sketches no 2

I started this Lo for Lets capture these sketches and then realised half way through that I was using the Design Dollies colour combination again

The challenge that went with the sketch was to use fall photos and I know these aren't fall photos but they were taken in the fall on our October holiday to Italy so they kinda count!

It's called is it a girl thing? because it's Arthur with his hair in a pony tail and then hiding when i tried to take a picture

I'm afraid I avoided the shabby element suggested by the sketch

twisted fun

I have been busy with a sketch for twisted Sketches this week

The sketch is below and the twist was "frame"

Anyway I started - got half way through with this LO and then decided it really didn't bear any resemblance to the sketch at all so I started again
I do like this LO though its another about our makeshift Bonfire Night- I used some of the SEI Christmas Paper for the moon and misted over a cut out of a hero arts stamp to make a night sky kind of feeling

This was my second effort- much more like the sketch- the frame element is obviously the title but it refers to the picture- My Nan took a photo of the flowers she received for her 80th birthday but the best bit for me now is the reminder of all those things she had on the walls in her living room. It's the ordinary things that we forget to photograph that can mean a lot later so it's a lovely reminder for me.

This was the sketch


inspired by

I was inspired by Lynnda Hosni to have a go at the Creative Scrappers sketch- I have ended up with a very simple version of the sketch using mostly Cosmo Cricket De Lovely bits with some other papers thrown in as well
I like nice and easy!

for the scrappiest and pencil lines

This one is for Pencil Lines sketch 217

but i have also used the nautical elements challenge from Design Dollies for my inspiration

The picture is the boys by Lake Como throwing stones into the water which is one of their favourite things to do - they can carry on for hours!

I used October Afternoon papers- the waves and the ships to add the nautical theme


And this is for the Scrappiest

I seem to have flipped the sketch although i didn't mean to when I started but it just looked better in the end.
This Is a LO with me and my Mum in my Nan's front garden in the summer of 1975- I don't mind the fact that my Mum's head has been cut off- digital cameras have removed the likelihood of that happening so its a nice reminder of times past!

colour and sketches no 1

The Design Dollies colour combo this week was black, silver and yellow so I used the combination with the sketch from Liz Chichester over at the Scrappiest for Sweet Peach crop shop- goodness that was a mouthful glad I didn't have to say it.

This is what I made- it's called dancing on Ice ( the title is tiny at the top)- It shows my three ice skating on Sunday- Two photos are black and white but the middle one is in colour because they fitted with the combo ( well the skates are orange but it's almost right)

This was the sketch- as you can see it had a wintry feel to it

Sketchy Thursday

At first I thought his sketch for sketchy Thursday was a bit difficult for me but i seem to have simplified it and it's turned out OK. I used two elements from my new diary which has lots of lovely paper things in it- the butterfly tag and the bird in the tree post it note both came from there

it does have a long title- when I grow up i want to be a teenager- refers to the fact that even at three Nancy loves to have a go on her daddy's DS

Monday, 13 December 2010

Some new stuff

A Jillibean Soup challenge- this was for the challenge on Two Peas -to use Jillibean Soup products in a LO- almost everything is Atomic Soup- I love this line for boys pagesPencil Lines Sketch
I've taken a liking to punching holes in the top of my paper and then backing them with another paper this week as you can see from the first two LOs
This LO is Stanley writing his Christmas cards - decided only to send to the boys in his class hence the title " For you-as long as you're a boy"

using this


Another Stanley LO- this time some photos from way back when- they are all baby photos of him pulling a strange face- the title is "the cutest little baby face" although I ran out of space for face but it's still OK as "the cutest little baby"

The journalling strips are blank because I have lost my black pen but they are covering up my face nicely!
using this

Design Dollies

I missed out on the Design Dollies colour challenge this week so I thought I'd try and squeeze in the other challenges from this week. Two of our radiators needed fixing and that meant three days without scrapping as my desk needed to be cleared and moved- oh the horror!

Elements challenge- candles
If you look closely you can see a candle on my birthday cake and one stamped onto the ticket

This LO is for the sketch challenge- I used the tag instead of one of the photos on the sketch

Sketch challenge

Sunday, 12 December 2010

What I did today

Actually its what I managed to do yesterday but I didn't get round to posting.

This first LO is for The Story matters sketch challenge
A really nice simple sketch (sorry about the photograph but my daughter's tip of a bedroom is the only one with a bright enough light)

here is the sketch

This LO was for Punky scraps their first ever challenge was a recipe - they wanted you to include white card, cardboard, paint, ribbon, buttons, paints- I managed all but the ribbon. I used mister instead of paint to make the title and the snowflakes- I used my Christmas card which has a cut out title ( the Dutch for snow if you haven't worked it out)
And if you haven't yet- check out the Scrapbooker's Anonymous Challenge for December- use rub-ons and no patterned paper!

Using the waste

This Lo is for A Trip Down Memory Lane- their challenge is to use the waste from your supplies- the packaging and make a LO with it- so I used the extra from a sheet of stickers ans made a background with it

A few weeks ago I made a LO with the cardboard packaging from some K and company card but that was designed to be used so I didn't think that would count but I'll repost the picture here to show you

This was for scrap that poetry ( when I was guest designer )

I'll get no Christmas presents from Santa- I've been naughty again

THis Lo is for two challenges
1. Twisted Sketches- the twist to this sketch was write- so I made a LO about Arthur writing his Christmas cards- this was the first year he could write his own cards- he decided to write them to the boys in his class, his teacher and a whole card for his teacher's dogs- he hates dogs!
Its also entered for the American Crafts challenge- use Dear Lizzy Christmas paper on the LO- I used three different papers- frosty fir, sparkling season and peppermint party and also the back of one of them

This was the sketch i used


The second LO is for Scrap it with a song ( more on that soon)
The song was "Just the way you are" and I chose the line "she's so beautiful and I tell her every day" - because its true although I seem to have forgotten the so!

I wanted a fairly simple LO and chose a photo that is a little unclear to add to the romantic feel of the whole thing

It's also for the studio challenges which asked you to make a LO without a title I thought the words were more like journalling than a title- I started of with it hand written but then I had to cover it over because it just didn't look right

A traditional Christmas

This was my entry for the American Crafts Dear Lizzy Christmas challenge- I'm not really very good with Christmas paper i buy it then never use it so this year I thought I'd better use it up while all those photos are fresh and new

The pictures are of Nancy dressing the tree - she posed for the first one with the staring eyes so I had to include it.

Products used the front of two of of the Dear Lizzy Christmas Papers- sleighing Song andJolly Jingle
the back of two more Christmas papers ( brown and cream)Jolly Jingle and Peppermint party
American crafts card stock
the felt tree is a decoration I took apart

Actually its not really a traditional Christmas colour palette is it?

Friday, 10 December 2010


Just found this great app on Facebook- it puts your status updates for the year into one neat "scrapbook page" _- I don't think they meant it that way but .... stick it on some card...add some embellishments away you go

Just search for MY Year In Status

Thursday, 9 December 2010

I don't just do paper

I have had to move things around in the spare room so that my radiators can be repaired- that means my craft table is in pieces and I am feeling restless. So I have been forced back to my knitting. Knitting is great but the children always watch me do it and I get endless requests. I was making a present yesterday ( I am desperate to show it but don't want to spoil the surprise) when Arthur asked for a fox ( or a wolf ) so I made him this today. Now Nancy wants one and Arthur wants a wolf and a spaceship and an alien and........

He's a little wonky and has gaps but he's ok

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

it's a Christmas thing

Here is my entry for the My Mind's Eye blog challenge
As you can see I have changed the sketch a bit, I have only one photo, the title
in a different place and there isno strip down the middle but all the other elements are all
the bracket shape
the three elements at the top and the two circles at the bottom

The Lo is called It's a Christmas Thing and it might need a little translating
for anyone outside the UK

At Christmas lunch we always have Christmas crackers- they have a little snap
inside, a gift, a (bad) joke and a paper hat. It is THE LAW that you must wear
your paper hat for as long as possible- the men are usually better at it than
the women and quite often fall asleep after lunch wearing it- This photo is my
grandfather wearing his paper hat about twenty (or more) years ago

This is the sketch

Day five finally

It took me a while but I finally managed to photograph and upload the last day of the mystery sketch from Lets Capture these Sketches.

I know I'm supposed to upload this to the gallery but it tells me I need to resize it and that is beyond me ( yes I'm sure it's very simple when you know how) so it's uploaded on the blog

This is how the sketch looked at the end


Artastic's challenge was to use the nativity painting by Boticelli as inspiration and include a stable an angel and gold

. The colours I chose were similar to the muted colour of the painting. I put everything down the middle of the LO which reminds me of the positioning of the stable on the painting again.
The stable is in the photographs as this is a LO about my obsession with nativity scenes I seem to have collected quite a few over the last few years and am now up to seven- this year i bought a playmobil one for the children to play with ( but only a little bit)

Monday, 6 December 2010

From Screen to Scrap- Nightmare

The From screen to scrap challenge this month is the Nightmare before Christmas- the challenge is to add various things to your LO inspired by the movie poster

I've managed to add 1. the moon, 2. the fence, 3. the purple and yellow 4, a swirl and 5. a skeleton but there is more to add as well

Friday, 3 December 2010

Just chuck it all In !

I decided to chuck all of my latest LOs into one all purpose post. James and the boys went out to watch football in sub zero temperatures last night leaving me to craft. 3 hours later i had seven LOs (five of which are here two are in a separate post)

Much excitement- our new printer is here and working so now I can print out little photos and make multi photo LOs- hooray

So here goes
1. Design Dollies latest sketch

This is Arthur blowing massive bubbles at our recent street party. Its quite common here for streets to close for a street party but our street is a major ring road so it's never been done before. Anyway this year our road was closed for major road works so we were able to have our first and last street party.
from this ( someone very kindly told me how to resize things but I'm hopeless)

Arthur on a boat on Lake Como- I love the way he smiles
From this
Sketch 92
3. Pencil lines latest sketch

Its called "waiting for change" because 1. I just scrapped this photo in large size and 2 I noticed how little Athur's teeth look. He's getting on for 6 now so it's only a matter of time before the tooth fairy is visiting our house for Arthur as well as Stanley
From this tricky little number

The get Picky challenge is all about using more than one photo on your LOs. This time the challenge was a quote from Audrey Hepburn

Here it is"I believe in manicures, i believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick.I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles."

Its such a great girl quote and I took the line I believe in pink. Nancy loves make up but she's not great at applying it yet- as the photos prove
From this lovely quote and picture

Gotta love this hat from Ikea- My first though was Carmen Miranda ( I don't think I ever saw one of her films but she's just one of those familiar faces[or hats}] from my youth.
from this
12.02 sketch challenge