Friday, 30 July 2010

the ones for the Color room

All of the following LOs are for the Color Room, I wasn't sure about the combo (#16) I thought it was too Christmassy for July and ended up doing three LOs!

This first one is Arthur in a photo booth, trying to get some Passport photos, I really want to tell the story behind the disaster but once I started on the LO I didn't want to add too much so I have saved one picture for a future LO of the full story, bottom line don't trust a man with important jobs.
LO 2 No my face is not blurred out just one of the delight of cameras with film in the 70s, my Nan made the best of a bad picture though, she drew on my eyes and eyebrows in biro, gotta save that !
final Lo, My Nan in Sratford -upon-Avon she laughed until she cried over this photo, we have no idea who the man is but he is in focus and Nan isn't. the postcard is a real postcard sent from Rotterdam in the 1920s. I bought up a big stack of written postcards at a flea market in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago just to use like this.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

the one with pubs

Got back from a week away, argued with the children, missed not scrapping, tried to find a few minutes, lost my black journalling pen, gave up looking, took photo anyway.

The LO will be about how my childhood memories are punctuated by visits to various pubs, most of which me and my sister waited outside with a bottle of pop and a bag of crisps. The photo is from 1977.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

one without title

Sometimes I don't know what title to give to a layout so I have taken to leaving them of. I don't know if it's the done thing or not but hey I'm happy with it. I have used some of the American crafts ribbon and some dear Lizzy paper. Just caught a glimpse of the new DEAR LIZZY PAPERS AND i THINK i HAVE A VERY LONG WISH LIST... (don't you hate it when you are in a hurry and hit caps lock by mistake) :)

Friday, 9 July 2010

the one where I overheat

It is very very hot here, over 32 degrees and set to be like it for a few more days yet. Anyway i've kind of been inspired to make some summer pages for all the challenge blogs.
the first one is my wish for summer ( and color combos galore #150) I would love to spend the summer outside reading but with three children i doubt there will be much chance of that)
supplies include American crafts paper and ribbon. My favourite parts are the speech bubble and the butterfly flag, i am a little bit addicted to using the hole made by a punch at the moment
the second one is for the Color Room #14 ( i have used some cocktail stick flags to make the bunting)
And the third one is of my son and daughter playing in the outdoor pool I have used the cocktail stick bunting again and my favourite heatwave paper from American crafts plus some abode paper and American crafts card for the pinwheels.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

the one where I try stamping

I love the American crafts blog and every week I attempt their challenge with varying degrees of success. This week it was to use stamping, I am always in awe of people who are creative with stamps, I never seem to get it quite right but I'm quite pleased with this effort. Supplies- various American crafts paper and ribbon.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

the one with chocolate butter

I made this LO today using my new Martha Stewart punch, rather pleased with the effort but must make sure I cut my paper accurately, I love this picture of Nancy pulling a face and have scrapped it twice now.

and the chocolate butter? I found it in the supermarket yesterday. I must take some photos of the strange things I find here and post them) It turns out chocolate butter it very mush like butter icing ( butter, sugar and cocoa) with the purpose of spreading it on your bread or toast! Yum!