Thursday, 24 February 2011

A sketch bonanza

1. Sassy Lil sketches
This Lo doesn't have a photo but a scan of the birthday card I received on my fourth birthday card from my first friend. Her Dad drew me the card- its us talking over the back fence in our garden- that's how we met- we are still friends 34 years later- all be it by e-mail and facebook.

I'm the one in the cowboy hat- aged three it was my must wear accessory- I remember people trying to persuade me no to wear it- there's only one photo of me in it and my sister was just a baby so there's only this card and my memory to go on!

Find the picture here

I'm quite proud of the title on this one- all but one of the letters is not as it seems- the p was a d, the a was a q, the u was a v and the e was a w!

The photo on this LO shows Arthur at an exhibition we went to last summer- as you entered there was chance to take a photo of you arrival but if you stood by the button to press you ended up right at the edge of the photo- this was us waiting for our turn which is why Arthur is looking surprised and we are blurred. The actual people whose photo it was are at the side under the title!

I didn't intend to have the circles on here but Arthur punched them out for me and wanted them on his picture

This one ended up a little different to the sketch- I decided to add more strips of paper and then draw a "stitched" circle on the top. It's called "Smile little boy" using the strip from the bottom of a piece of Echo Park little boy paper!


  1. Wow, that card is awesome! Such a great thing to scrapbook. Love the pic of you in the hat too. Hope to see that on a LO someday. The bamboo looking stuff on the pause LO is great and I like Arthur's circles! Love how you altered the last sketch, again such great paper, and I really like your faux stitched circle!!!

  2. Wow! Such a sweet card and LO! TFS. :-)

  3. Love seeing how you are using all these sketches from some of my favorite sketch sites. Great use of color in all of them!

  4. Lots of beautiful work here, love them all.

  5. What fabulous layouts!!!!! Love how you used the Dollies sketch!
    Thanks for playing with the Dollies.

  6. Gosh, you've been busy!! Love the yellow and green combo that you used for the Dollies sketch, and please tell Arthur that his circles look fab on the layout ;)