Thursday, 25 November 2010

yet more bad photos on a bad weather day- but at least it hasn't snowed yet

Pencil Lines

the photos are of Arthur swinging at the playground. I was trying to get a good shot of his shadow. I used a little title from Cosmo Cricket that says you are here because you can only see a tiny part of Arthur's legs on the photo.
This was the sketch
( even though it might not look like it much)
Lets Capture these Sketches

Stanley had a school performance last month- they had a group of actors come into the school and help them prepare a performance in just one day. Each of the three had their own piece to perform-grade 1,2,3 had three different dances. Stanley performed an aboriginal style bird dance so this map paper was perfect but it meant I needed to shrink down the size of the photos so Australia could still be seen on the map

the photos are artistically blurred ( better than flash that doesn't reach)- the sketch is below

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