Thursday, 25 November 2010

How I work so quickly

I thought I'd post these two LOs together so you can see how I manage to work so quickly.

This Lo is for the design Dollies elements challenge- Clean and simple with brads and beads ( well I have no beads so they can have a button instead)
The Lo has a picture of Arthur- he happened to get his head in the way when I was taking a picture of Villa Carlotta from the boat on Lake Com hence the title.
I'm slightly worried that I upset the Design Dollies- they have a comment on one of their posts saying if you add a link to this post 5 minutes after it is posted it is clear you haven't made it for this challenge-- I just want to say all my LOs are made for the challenge I say they are ( and I've just worked out how to change my time stamp so it looks like I as in the Netherlands instead of somewhere with PST)

Then I made a Lo for twisted sketches ( the twist being family)
as you can see I tend to use what is on the desk in front of me so I used lots of stash from the first LO again
the same patterned paper
the same two punches
the same stamps
the same book (I punched circles from the introduction to Bleak House- you know those really cheap editions of classics- they always have an introduction that I don't want to read- its better than using the first chapter of the next book in the series that you often find in a thriller- theres always the wrong kind of words in it)
this was the sketch


  1. Karen I adore both of these!!! So clean and simple and it lets the photos tell the story.....LOVE EM!!!

  2. Hi!
    Love them both. I really like that news print. Have a great day!

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  3. What absolutely precious photos! Love the birdies too!

  4. Awesome LOs...The photos are just great and I like how the layouts are simple yet super fab!!!
    You did an awesome job with this weeks twisted sketch

    Love the tip on using the sons books always have the first ch. in it and since we usually buy the series anyways, now they'll go to use :)

  5. Great layout!! Love the photo, so sweet :)

  6. You did an AWESOME job on these challenges! love the color and elements you put together....your clean-line style is FAB! TFS!

  7. Super :) I'm sure we can squeeze you in with a button instead of a bead, LOL! Arthur sounds like quite a livewire :)

  8. Great take on the Twisted sketch.