Saturday, 6 November 2010

A degree in stropology and Casablanca

The weather here has been so frightful that I have had no chance to take a good photo of my recent LOs, until today. The bulb has gone in my "craft room" as well so that didn't help me get a good photo.

This LO is for From Screen 2 Scrap. The challenge was to use the Casablanca Movie poster as inspiration including
-a plane
- two colour title
- cut out figures

It wasn't really what I wanted to make originally but I love how it turned out. It's called Fancy a Big Kiss?

This LO is called " this boy has a masters degree in STROPOLOGY". It was for the Category Stories challenge- scrap an ology.

Arthur is King of the strops in our house. This picture is from the summer, we were in a pub garden and we wouldn't buy him a second drink. So he decided to go and sit at another table. That was until a dog came along and frightened him back.


  1. LOL!!! LOVE the Fancy a Kiss layout! Too funny!!! The Stropology layout is really cute. Love that little camera.

  2. awesome stuff - fabulous work on the challenges!
    Cheers, Lee from Category Stories

  3. love them both, I must say Fancy a big kiss is my fave, but the ---ology with us is pretty rad, too!