Wednesday, 3 November 2010

dressing up for the pink ninjas

"Only a toddler dresses like this to go to the supermarket (except perhaps my sister)"I have made a LO with a similar photo to this called Princess Wellyboot because that's what Nancy said she was. She wore this outfit to the supermarket and got loads of comments from the old ladies who saw her, the problem is if someone speaks to her she shrieks and runs away!

Its only toddlers who can get away with an outfit like this at the supermarket, although my sister may well try if she had the dress in her size- she is no shrinking violet. So that's what this LO is about


  1. How cute is that? Love your title! You've posted lots of layout recently - all wonderful!

  2. She is absolutely adorable! I love seeing the little kiddos about in their inventive clothing....precious! I love how your page seems to flow upward and diagonally....