Friday, 19 November 2010

American crafts - thankful

This LO is for the American Crafts Thankful challenge

Its a picture of my son on our recent holiday to Italy with a face covered in pizza! The journalling is a list of all the "naughty " things he does that I still love about him.

They include
1. his early mornings
2. his pizza face
3. his stinky feet
4. his odd socks
5. his banana feet ( they say this at school when the little ones put their shoes on the wrong feet)

products used
paper from the abode range and the new city park range ( including the back of two sheets- i wish AC would make plain sheets of the colours on the back of their papers- I know they make card but I love the flat/ non textured plain colours)


  1. Your layout is making me smile! What fun!

  2. cute fun ...very interesting....good one Karen...xx