Thursday, 25 November 2010

I wish I could find my corner punch

Had a very productive day today.The weather is just so awful that going out is not much fun with a three year old who refuses to wear a coat- so we stayed in and I scrapped..

Anyway i made this Lo for Lets Capture these Sketches. Its about our very makeshift bonfire night celebrations. In the UK we celebrate Guy Fawkes on November 5th (long story- explosion-failire- torture- ) but its a peculiarly British celebration. Anyway now I'm here in the Netherlands I miss it so we cobbled together what we could. You can only buy and use fireworks here around new year so they were out of the question. I found some very old sparklers in as draw ( I wasn't even sure they would work but I daren't try them as there were only a few and I needed them for the night) we had a tiny bonfire in a metal fire basket and a barbeque with jacket potatoes and homemade baked beans- we even fashioned a Guy out of a pair of tights and a paper plate. the photos were dreadful too but I just had to make the effort to scrap them.
I used this sketch

This Lo was for the Scrappiest sketches. Arthur had a school performance last month- they had a group of actors come into the school and help them prepare a performance in just one day. Each of the three had their own piece to perform- Kindergarten were caterpillars, bees and butterflies in the rainforest. The photos were bad- it was either flash (which didn't work so everything was dark or no flash so everything was a blur- i went for artistic blur!)
Sketch 90

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  1. Great job on both sketches!! Thanks for joining us at The Scrappiest!