Monday, 26 September 2011

While I was waiting 1

Don't you just hate days when you have to wait in for a delivery? That was me today. Is it just me or do you get to the stage where you daren't go to the toilet because you know as soon as you sit down the doorbell will ring? ( I'm sure its just me) Well while waiting and in between darting into the garden to hang out washing, hoping the doorbell wouldn't ring then, I rustled up eight LOS. 

The first is for Creative Scrappers using sketch 175 . I changed it round a bit- there's only one photo and fewer strips but i think its still basically the same. The photo is Arthur playing with one of those plasma ball things at Nemo museum in Amsterdam.         

This one is for Shimelle's starting point for this week ( see below)
This one was actually my third version of the starting point so its changed a little bit- i love this photo of Nancy with the boys slightly blurred in the background

scrapbook starting points

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  1. Two amazing LOs, it seems to me...

    And I'm REALLY happy to realize that I'm not the only one with what I would qualify my "quirks"... I'm exactly like you, don't even dare to go to the toilets anymore! You know what the worst part is? When I realize at the end of the day that the delivery man hasn't bothered ringing the bell and just left the envelope in the mailbox... (HATE THIS GUY)