Monday, 19 September 2011

another starting point and one where I recommend a harmonica

I thought I'd have a go at shimelle's starting point again - although I don't really like to make a LO with this many layers of paper on.

find Shimelle's starting point here

I thought I'd photograph my LO at the stage Shimelle got to
                           and  then show you how I finished it off

I added a photo of Nancy from the weekend- I found her in the garden laying on the patio ( exactly where I take my Lo photos) playing the harmonica and looking at the sky
then i added the title, some buttons and a butterfly stamped onto the navy card in white

the thing I find about the Harmonica is that Nancy and the boys can make it sound good even though they don't have the foggiest idea how to play a tune- this is a big bonus- as all parents will know who have listened to other instruments being played by small people. 

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  1. love the layout, love your comments about small people and love the title of your blog ... just reminded me of Me! thanks for bringing a smile to my face and a good start to my day