Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Home town

Here's my third LO for the Journaling Junkie home town challenge- this time the home town I've just vacated- Hilversum in Noord Holland

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The guide books don't really recommend a visit to Hilversum- they definitely don't advise you to stay- there isn't really much of note- even the postcards don't have much to put on them. But its been a nice plave to live for nearly three years and every so often I might get a glimpse of it on TV when I'm back in the UK because Hilversum is the home of Dutch TV braodcasting and radio- and when the Eurovision Song contest comes around the results will be announced from Hilversum with a view of this building behind

here are two examples of Postcards of Hilversum so you can see the delights they think the town has to offer

on the postcard above-
the air field- a few low buildings and a bit of grass
the train out of town
some un-identified pond and the town museum
on this one
the museum again
a pizza takeaway with flags flying
the media park's colourful building
and a building I haven't seen in three years here!

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  1. I love your journaling. Very honest, not glamorized at all. I like what you did with the colors on here, especially the title!