Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Warning- some people may find the content of this post disturbing (if they don't like spiders)

Warning- pictures of large spiders with hairy legs follow

( did you make it this far?)
there is a truly enormous spider living in front of our window at the moment- it has strung its  web over the window and often sits ion the middle of the web right across our view
I took these photos over the last two days- and then of course I felt the need to scrap them!

I used the sketch from Sarah's cards for this- changing it up a bit
scroll down for the sketch
this is the first photo of the spider on its web
and then today it had caught something and was wrapping it up ready to take it away
this is a bad shot of the spider but at least you can see the way it is in the way of my outlook



  1. Hey, I think this is cool! Spiders creep me out a bit, in that I don't want them crawling on me, but I can appreciate all the work they go to every day, especially in the catching mosquitoes department! Awesome LO!

  2. OMG!!! I had to look so I could leave a comment... but that is awful!!! I'm going to be twitchy all night now... lol! Great LO though, love the colours you have used.

  3. Oh my goodness, I;d have to move out if something like that took up residence in my window!! Love the natural colours of your page, really suits your topic. Thanks for playing along with us at Sarahs Cards xxx