Monday, 17 January 2011

travel light- twisted sketch

This was my effort for the design team over at twisted sketches
The twist was map. i though about using some of the map patterned papers i have but they are all of glamorous far off places so instead I found out an old note book I bought maybe 15 years ago but never wanted to use because I liked it too much!- it was made from old unused Ordnance Survey maps much more English for a picture of my Great Aunt and her friend trudging along the beach at Blackpool.

It's called travel light because of all the bags they are carrying ( six between them but I know at least one is my nan's handbag- she's taking the picture)

It's a shame but I had to cover up the best place name on the paper- Mavis Enderby (who wouldn't want to live there?)

Oh and the only sunlight left was a tiny patch in the front garden hence the fact the picture is balanced in a bush!


  1. Fab layout Karen... love your style...S & S...xoxo

  2. Great LO,love how you used an old map and fab photo.