Tuesday, 18 January 2011

JAnuary 2011

I always feel a little disappointed after taking my LO photos- they never look quite as good as I hoped - unless the weather is beautiful ( which it hasn't been for days or weeks)

Which brings me to the Cosmo Cricket challenge for this month- scrap your January

This is the Lo I made using some new mitten weather paper and some old Girl Friday paper- I love polka dots and especially that pink Girl Friday paper- it was the last sheet so I felt I needed to cut it down so I had a bit for some other projects

there's also some Cosmo Cricket tiny type in pink and yellow on there

And what's it all about- a few things really
1. It's my birthday in January ( I share the date with Elvis) and this year my gift was a kindle hence the picture
2. At the moment the weather is dreadful ( non stop rain) so me and Nancy are stuck inside- I really wanted to go to Amsterdam today but no chance in the pouring rain
3. Nancy starts school in five weeks so this is the last few days of just her and me ( hence the photo and the yellow phrase)
4. I am torn at the moment between staying in with Nancy ( because it's easy- she keeps running off in shops and insists on being bought things) and going out to enjoy her last days of freedom before the next 15 years of school kick in. Just before Christmas we went to Amsterdam together and visited the Van Gogh Museum we were there at 10 when it opened and knowing the museum we headed straight upstairs to the lilies and the sunflowers and the corn fields- we had 15 minutes on our own with the paintings before anyone else worked their way up there. I feel i need a few more of those moments before she starts school - I just need the rain to stop

This is all journalled about on the tag-

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  1. Cute paper! Love the little birds punched at the top!!!