Sunday, 23 January 2011

Glee club- Beatles

Soul Scrappers has a Glee Club competition running until April

the first challenge is to use the Beatles as inspiration and there were a selection of song titles to choose from- the added criteria was to try and stay true to the sixties feel.

The Beatles mean a lot in our house the boys listen to them as they fall asleep every night- every year we go to the Festival of History and watch the Fab Beatles play. They were my Mum's favourite band and my sister and i had to choose one of their song's to play at her funeral ( over six years ago now)

So I was bound to be excited by this challenge

1. A Day in the Life (60/365)

The first ever scrapbook page about my wedding! only 12 years after the event!
I chose the title because having left it 12 years before i got round to this it feels a lot less important than if i was scrapping it just after the event- what I mean is that now 12 years on it feels like my wedding was just a day in the life of my marriage- not the most important day nor the best-(not when you have three children)- a great day but only one day in the whole road to here.

the 60s feel? from the flowers!

This is also using Shimelle's sketch again!

2. Ticket to Ryde (61/365)
No I haven't made a typing error - we used to holiday on the IOW for years (from the age of 5- 18) and this was played every evening in the hotel where we stayed during dinner- I swear they thought it was spelt Ryde and they were singing about the town down the road! I tried to keep the 60s feel with the colour scheme, the big flowers and the slightly flocked feel to the patterned paper behind the photo 9 Oh and pretty much got a Beatles' mop top hair cut!

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