Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Christmas presents

I thought I'd show some of my other crafty skills in this post. I made some gifts for my sister and her family she likes silly and frivolous as presents for Christmas and birthday- nothing useful unless its knickers!

So here's what I made
1. for my sister's son- a zombie eye t-shirt with reverse applique ( this is my son wearing a similar t-shirt)
2. For my sister
A vegan fox fur stole- she loves vintage clothing so i thought it would fit right in
3. For her husband to be-A hat and beard set ( you may notice from the picture above that it bears a stirking resemblance to his every day look!)
I only had a crochet pattern for a hat and beard and I can't crochet so I had to make up a pattern, the fox stole is from a pattern here and the t- shirt is from a crafty web site somewhere but I can't find it now

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