Monday, 31 January 2011

Scrappiest 101

The Scrappiest was celebrating its 100th sketch last week with a sketch a day- I've managed to do a few of them

This Lo is the first- Arthur asked me last week " Mummy are mosquitos vampire's pets?"

Well after i stopped laughing here's what I did.
1. posted it on facebook
2. wrote it down
3. made him pose with a vampire lego figure
4. made this Lo!

It was too good a quote to miss! LOL. I have a few others from the children I need to scrap like-
Why do dogs have eyebrows? is it to scare people?
Why do we have shoulders?

Oh and do you love that "nice Hair" sticker- free with my shopping _ they are giving away football stickers at the supermarket and they have these extra ones in as well that I have stolen from the boys!
This was the sketch

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  1. Kids say the darnest things. Too funny! Love your LO!