Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The back of the page

It is VERY rare that I do this but sometimes I have to make an exception.

I hardly ever scrap on both sides of a piece of paper but sometimes I just have to....

I bought this paper with the plan to use this side of (on-line as ever) and then when it arrived I saw how useful the other side of it was as well. I only bought two sheets of it- one I have cut into and therefore been able to use bits of both sides but today I came to use the second sheet- really wanted to use the other side - so I thought the latest Design Dollies sketch would be perfect to use- a simple sketch- not too much bulk get to see the paper
super- 70/365
And the other side of the paper- you'll have to wait and see

Why don't you hop over to Scrapbookers Anonymous to have a go at their latest challege- find it HERE- there's buttons


  1. This is fab Karen :) I sometimes scrap both sides for particularly yummy papers, but it can be tricky because I do a lot of stitching on my layouts, LOL. The one on the back has to be a design that will hide any stitching AND it has to be chronological as well, because that's how I store my layouts.
    PS - is that 70 layouts already this year?? Wow.

  2. Lovely! :) Thanks (again!) for playing with the Dollies!

  3. Great layout Karen! Thanks for playing with the Dollies!!!

  4. ohhhh LOVE this line an dhow you mixed the papers!!! soo fun. thanks soo much for playing with the Dollies!!! :)