Wednesday, 12 January 2011

and a few more

What a pain this was to make ( even though is is so simple)
1. I had to draw a star- very tricky so in the end used the last smidgen of ink in my printer to print one out to cut round
2. tried to mist a background and it crinkled the paper so badly that I had to abandon it and start with new paper ( no misting)

It's called baby but really it should be called Heavy baby for the is the doll's real name- it really is heavy as it has a musical mechanism inside and we can't shake Nancy on the name 31/365
From this

Yet another LO from Italy in October- Stanley pretending to be an Italian football supporter in the San Siro Stadium- he was saying "Mamma Mia" at the time 24/365
from this

And Pencil lines again

Nancy poured out her snack into a series of cups to eat in front of the TV- so the pictures show her arrangement- can't think of a title at the moment! 30/365

from this again



  1. great pages! all are beautiful, but the second one is stunning! love the buildings behind the photo!

  2. That page for The Scrappiest is great - I love the cityscape background.