Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Sketches but not very successful?

I've lumped these two Los together because although they were supposed to be following a sketch I'm not sure I was quite successful-

With this one I wanted as much of the SEI paper on show as possible because I love the large flowers and didn't want to cover them up- It shows Nancy's first day of school on Monday- her walking in with her new back pack, and her and her brothers posing outside the door


With this one I used up the scrap of flower paper left from the last LO- made a flower and used up some flower ribbon lace- when I drew this Lo into my notebook I did a bit of a bad job and it ended up looking like a two photo LO- so when I came to make it I didn't feel so bad about making it into a one photo LO

Anyway this Lo shows my Nan in her WAAF uniform in about 1941- the journalling gives her number and the jobs she did while in the Air Force- fabric worker, balloon operator and electrician
Later I'll show you my other attempts at the same two sketches that follow them a little more closely


  1. I consider sketches a starting point. These layouts are great even if the sketches weren't followed too closely! Love the floral SEI paper and the LO of your Nan is awesome!!!

  2. Great take on both sketches. Sketches don't have to be followed exactly, they are just inspiration. Thanks for playing with Sassy Lil' Sketches.