Monday, 14 March 2011

Scrap it with a Song- Have a nice day

The challenge for Scrap it With a Song this time is Bon Jovi battle of the decades.. My part of the design team got Have a Nice Day

I took the line "Take a look around you; nothing's what it seems"This one may take a bit of explaining to many of you who know nothing about British TV

It reminded me of a few photos I had from my Nan when she visited the Granada TV

That's where they film the longest running soap opera on British TV called
Coronation Street The show celebrated its 50th anniversary just last December- the photos are the key places in the show- the pub, the shop,
the whole street. the thing is none of it is real- the buildings are all just facades with nothing inside or behind!

One of the photos shows my great Aunt posing outside the Rovers Return pub.

Hopefully you will now see what the title is all about!

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