Friday, 18 March 2011

Happy Birthday

These are the LOs I made for Stephanie's latest challenge over at Journaling Junkie- she's celebrating the 100th journaling prompt so the theme is celebration.

February sees two family birthdays Arthur and Nancy so I had plenty of recent photos to scrap
Happy Birthday

Nancy's birthday candle didn't fit into the cake and the candelabra only had
space for three candles - so there's one on its own but Nancy seemed pretty
pleased with it all


birthday party

journalling reads

Nancy and her little friends playing in the ball pit during her 4th birthday
party- she was so excited to invite friends and get presents. She didn't even
mind that she had to share the party with Arthur! In the picture are Nancy 9
covered with balls) Lucy and Louise. They liked the baby area best but Nancy
was much more confident!

I think I need to make another one though- something about a bigger celebration- why don't you have a go as well? You may see another post on this later in the month!

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