Tuesday, 12 April 2011

not sketches

This one is for Scrap that poetry- they have two poems this month and one of them is Wordsworth's Daffodils ( i had to learn this off by heart at school)

I immediately thought of all the daffodil photos I took at the Botanical gardens a few weeks ago and I love this one of Arthur poking his head over the plants- I called it " when all at once I saw"

I hope you don't think the photo is in a weird place but the paper has a big chunk cut out of it so this and the bracket shape managed to cover it up and make it look like a large piece of paper!

I still have one more LO I am wanting to make for the challenge over there so keep looking!

another intriguing challenge from the girls at HMITM. this time its called three ring circus
and you need 1 funny picture- look at that face
3 PPs- there's the brown , the green and the checked
3. circles- yes with buttons on
and three bullet points- well there's three per tag- you can see one of the tags in the top picture

each tag slots into a space and they are all labelled- one fro school, one for sport and one for home

it's called my MUm says I'm awesome therefore its true


  1. That's a great picture for the challenge and I really like the layout - great job on using the 3's in this. Thanks for [playing on the HMITM challenge this session.

  2. Love it Karen....how clever are you re: photo placement!!!xx

  3. That's a fun photo and a great layout! I really like the three tags. Thanks so much for doing the HMITM challenge!

    I love your daffodil layout too. One of my favourite flowers. All that yellow looks so great.

  4. OOOOOOOOHHH... I love it!!! Thanks for playing along with both of our poems this month!!!!

  5. Hmmm what is about our sons...lol I have used a photo of my son as well. Great use of your 3's on your page.

  6. this is so great karen!
    i love the pout! :)
    those tags are so great, super design!

  7. That photo is classic! The earthy colors look terrific! Love how you incorporated the tags into your design! Thanks so much for playing with us at HMITM!

  8. Great LO's Karen, thanks for playing along