Saturday, 9 April 2011

Do I love this sketch?

I think I might- it was just so so easy ( actually too easy- I whipped up four Los using this sketch today) the sketch is from the October Afternoon blog hence all the LOs have a touch of October Afternoon on them ( some more than others)

1 using the stuff I had selected for my Counterfeit kit. Nancy in the garden with her brothers- she was fixing her bike with a saw- her brothers are the blur in the background
2. Nancy at the zoo in the baby swing- she still insists on going in them even though she is too big
3. My girl- with a touch of Crate paper in there too- Nancy looking thoughtful at lake Como
4. Happy- me in the village hall probably at Markyate which is where my Grandad came from- love the flag in the background- quite apt for the upcoming wedding? Lots of different October Afternoon in this- Modern Homemaker, and thrift shop

April 7 2011 Blog Sketch

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  1. Nancy must be such a riot!!! What a personality! Love the pic of her fixing her bike! These layouts are great! Love that sketch!!!