Friday, 1 April 2011

I hate eyelets! Scrapbookers Anonymous April Challenge

The latest challenge over at Scrapbookers Anonymous is eyelets- do you have some? well get using them- They want you to use 23 eyelets on the project you make! 23 you'll probably not notice the difference in your pile of eyelets but it'll make you feel good! honest it will- (if your eyelet setter works!)73/365

I had been been itching to make this Lo for a while- then I started making it and got so frustrated with the eyelets

It was such hard work- my setter wouldn't punch through the paper- the eyelets didn't want to be hammered into place- I nearly threw in the towel at one point- it might have been the point that Nancy threw her drink on the floor because I frightened her with the noise of the hammering!

Anyway there are 24 eyelets on there somewhere

I loved adding the hand ones to go with the mucky hands in the painting- I also added others to blend in with the splashes of mister to look like a paint splattered background

And if you join in I promise I'll come visit your blog and leave you a comment!


  1. What a fun LO,love the paint splatters and those little hand eyelets are so cute. I'm with you on eyelets,won't be using them again for a while,give me a brad any day,lol.xxxx

  2. You are very hard at yourself! Love the hands eyelets, it is the first time, I see them! They are perfect for the photos!

  3. Hey... Karen... me the same... I was hammering late at night...and Matin said...MUM you are kidding right!!!...HAHA...

    Anyway I love what you did... Beautiful...that sute little hands... perfect for the photos...

  4. :) I know... the're not fun. But I truly apprecaite the effort you put into this! And the layout turned out fabulous! Love all those circles and the little hand eyelets do look awesome!