Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Most likely to three

When you have three children you can't get away with making only one Lo for this the latest Journaling Junkie challenge

Here is Stanley's

Most likely to
1. Let someone else try it first. ( Arthur or Nancy)
2. Play on the Wii or computer or DSi
3. write poetry
4. be found playing sport
5. end up in Accident and Emergency
6. hide something under his bed
7. Listen to music ( on his i pod)
8. change the rules half way through a game
9. have a play date
10. save his money
11. help himself to food and drink
12. eat the dinner I made

I tried to make this one a little different to the other two by using the Sassafras Lass paper instead of lots of journalling spots

Find the other two LOs here and here

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