Sunday, 8 January 2012

a sigh of relief

And it's done- I managed to finish my JYC before the middle of January- a minor miracle considering I was finishing off last year's in November!
I think it was easier for a number of reasons- i won the class pass last year but not until the first of DEcember so I didn't have chance to prepare early
this year I had my album and my paper cut to size and dates made ready to go
I liked the fact that I kept it very simple but because I used a mix of 12x6 pages and a strip of three 4x6 I had some freedom to do my own thing
on the 12x6 page I followed Shimelle's prompt and on the 4x6 I journalled about the events of the day and added a picture however mundane of what was going on.

so here are the last few pages finished today

the 2nd of JAn
the prompt was about Innocence
I chose to write about NAncy at the Pantomime- she spent the whole performance petrified that Snow White really was in mortal peril from the Wicked Queen
she only relaxed at the end when Snow White was woken with a kiss

the 3rd of Jan
the prompt was to record a favourite memories
I wrote a list of the tiny moments that I wanted to remember
Nancy and Arthur playing Cinderella
and laying a pretend Christmas dinner
finding Stanley's secret letter to Santa

the 4th of Jan
I took down the tree today
the only thing on my list of what to remember for next year
do not ask my husband to buy his Father's present unless I want to go last minute shopping again

the 5th of JAn
a page about taking the tree down

the 6th of Jan
a page about the fact that I wish I'd been able to see the Christmas decorations at Covent Garden in all their glory instead of seeing them in daylight on the 7th of January
the other photo is about the trip to London to see Hamlet for my birthday
the light in the building is our hotel room directly next to the London Eye

the end
More photos from 12th night in London
and then a final signing of page to commemorate that I completed the album at 2.25 pm on the 8th

and finally
in the back I tucked the bits and bobs I wanted to keep like programmes from the children's concerts
and in case you missed the rest you can find the links to the posts below

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