Sunday, 1 January 2012

miracle on the E40

Shazza's challenge at From Screen to Scrap this month comes from the movie poster- Miracle on 34th Street-
Shazza has added the following criteria
a brown and yellow colour scheme
a santa on the page
and a title- Miracle on ...... street- using your house number or some such

I have the colour scheme and I hand cut a tiny little Santa flying in the corner. I ahve to admit I changed the title a tiny bit- I've called it miracle on the E40- that is not my street or my house number but last Christmas was almost a disaster-

 we had a massive snow fall a few days before we were due to drive back to the UK. it was so bad that huge lorries were skidding along my street _- a major trunk road- and if the stopped they just couldn't get going again. 

it was touch and go whether we were going to leave or not. In the end we decided to go for it and make an overnight stop in Calais on the way. we had to dig the car out and push it to get it out of the snow but once we were out of our town we were on the way and absolutely fine! So this is called Miracle on the E40 because for me it was a miracle we got to Calais- this photo was taken in our overnight hotel- a bit spartan but it was a real relief to get there! the E40 is the european motorway going past Calais in case you were wondering

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  1. Ooh this is pretty! Great challenge and I love the picture!!!