Sunday, 1 January 2012

almost done

I am so pleased with myself- its the first of JAnuary and I am still up to date with my JYC album- I intend to go through until the 6th as I have exciting plans for the day that it will be great to document in the album. 

the 20th
Tiny surprises- I photographed all the Christmas postcards I received via Postcrossing
and Arthur and NAncy setting up their own Christmas dinner in the bedroom with hand made crakers

the 21st
home made mince pies
and the mess of my scrap room which is the main hiding place for packets and parcels before they are wrapped

extra photos from the mince pie making session

the 22nd
a photo of Stanley's note for Santa 
and the front cover of the radio Times- one of the things still to do was to go through it and decide what to record

the 23rd
the stockings- hand made by Grandma and wiating to take up their position by the fireplace
and the children posing with their gingerbread house

the 24th
posing in Santa hats
and today we watched "its a Wonderful Life" for the first time

Arhtur literally just running around in circles because he was so excited

the 26th
our traditional Boxing day trip to the Pantomime- this time Snow White

the 27th
Our morning walk in the sunshine
and journalling about how good the children have been about sleeping

the 28th
A car picninc from McDonlads after our trip to see Tin Tin at the cinema
and the almost empty box of Elizabeth Shaw mint thins- something my Nan always bought me and now my sister does

the 29th
another trip to the cinema- Puss in Boots
and one tiny moment captured as Nancy and arthur fell asleep on their nests

the 30th
a visit from a friend from Holland
and a summary of my photos for the year
and over 500 of them are photos of LOs

the 31st
10.45 the time I went to bed
and |Nancy colour co-ordinated the tin of Quality Street

more random pictures from the 31st
including the premeirship league table

the 1st
about my plan to take part in project 365 ( or 366 this leap year)
my first photo
and if you want to look there is a link to my project 365 blog at the top

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