Sunday, 4 December 2011

getting going

Ok this year I am DETERMINED to keep up to date with my Journal YOur CHristmas Album- well so far so good. This is what I have come up with so far

MY album is a combination of 6x12 LOs for the Prompts and 3 4x6 spaces for a photo of the day and some journalling about the events of the day

The first
 I stuck in the manifesto and journalled about how grateful I am to have my children to cuddle
( we had had really awful news at school about a boy who was killed on the way to the bus so I was so glad to get home and hold my children)
I used a photo of Nancy and JAmes having a cuddle on the sofa- 

the second
Nancy was going on in the car about how everything was frosting- how appropriate for the day I have to journal about the weather

the third
My card= I journalled inside the card and added a row of old stamps in red and green- I am nowhere near ready to write my cards- must do that this week
Because I am using a combination of 6x12 and 4x6 pages I thought I could add extra pages for photo heavy days
this weekend we had the children's Godfather round for a christmas dinner and to exchange presents
we also put up the tree so on this double page spread are photos of
contents of the Chrismas crackers
decorating the tree
the dinner table
an empty plate
and the most hideous door wreath we found in the loft- left by the tenants ( a bigger picture of it it below- its off to the charity shop) 

the fourth
Another day another tree- we put up the tree in the conservatory today
I made a LO about my CHristmas wishes today
basically all I want is some nice surprises
NOT surprise gifts
just random surprises
like last weekend when the Santa Fun Run went unexpectedly past my house- so I had an hour of Santas running past my house

the door wreath we found!

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  1. I love your plan for your album! Your pages look great already!!!! Well done! xoxo