Wednesday, 7 December 2011

still doing OK

I'm trying to keep up with my JYC pages here are my latest few

the 5th- advent calendar

we have still misplaced our refillable chocolate calendar so the favourite in our house at the moment is the playmobil one- it's knights not Christmassy at all but the love it

the 6th- Christmas memories
the photo on the daily journal page is the wreath on my door- I managed to buy a hook for it today
the prompt LO is about Christmas memories-

I had this photo of me and my Dad dressed as Santa on my desk so I was looking for a newer memory to go with it- this photo of my three with Santa at Thomas land had similar memories- disappointing Santa's!
My three were not impressed with the Thomas Land santa- Stanley was seven and was almost as tall as him- he was really not impressed by a short Santa - and the photo form 30 years before is me looking very unimpressed with my |Dad dressed as Santa- my Dad never refused an offer of being Santa or showing off and being loud- this was one  of those occasions

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