Tuesday, 30 August 2011

OUr house... is a mess

Yes - we are finally back in the UK and everything is up and running- we have a phone - the internet and I can start to get back to some kind of normal- I'm struggling a little with the culture shock ( yes I know I'm only just over the Channel?North Sea but my during first trip to the supermarket I was so overwhelmed with choice I came out with 6 bottles of squash, some lamb and eight yoghurts (coconut flavour) and that's it

Any way a small sample of my moving is shown below- we had a classy moving company!
All our worldly goods came off the overnight ferry in this
This is what I am laughingly calling my scrap room
And this room made me feel like a manic pack rat hoarder who only has tiny walkways through massive piles of teetering possessions
All but two boxes inside the house have now been opened but a second load arrived this week ( items that had been in storage for three years) meaning we now have about 45 boxes in the garage to open- but out of sight out of mind!


  1. glad to hear the move was successful and you are settling in. Have you ever watched the TV show Hoarders? It really makes you go hmmmmm. Not sure you would get it over there, it's on a cable channel. You are not a HOARDER..in the medical sense.. lol.. when you start saving trash and don't pitch the trash on a regular basis, let us know. we'll all find a way to come help before it gets too bad and you can't make it to the bathroom....heehee =)

  2. I hope that made some sense. you really have to watch the show to know what I mean. crazy stuff. Here is the link.

  3. You have my sympathies with the boxes. I've been here over four years and still don't feel sorted. Welcome home.

  4. Oh wow! That's alot of boxes! Glad to hear everything and everybody made it safely to the U.K.