Sunday, 14 August 2011

American Crafts

lets just call it wishful thinking but i applied for the American Crafts Design team again- its something I would really love to do- and not just for access to the stash! I am so jealous of those people on a design team who can use a whole packet of embellishments on a stunning LO- So this is what I used as my application

1. Museum Plein Amsterdam
a bit of stitching- a bit of mist- some creative punching- and a stuck together panorama picture of the Museum Plein In Amsterdam- it's here where the Van Gogh, the stedelijk amd the Rijksmuseum are and where national events are held- there were big screens put up here for the football World Cup last year

2. A framed picture for Nancy's wall
3. A birthday card

4. my Sister's wedding favours
She stuck these little labels onto seed packets full of seeds for everyone to plant
we chose this particular American crafts paper because its called Gladys- our Nan's name- she died a few years back but we still wanted her to be there commemorated in some way- so through this paper she was!
5. a Lo you can see tomorrow- for the new Scrapbookers Anonymous challenge


  1. wat gaaf! de bovenste lo heeft echt leuke details!

  2. They are lovely pieces of work and so long as you are happy with them that is all that really matters. i read a post from one lady who only got a DT post like that when she stopped designing what she though other people wanted and only did what she loved. You already have a big list of DT credits, so focus on making each LO better than the last for you and it will come in time.