Sunday, 10 July 2011

Wij houden van oranje

The challenge for July over at Scrap Our Stash is red, white and blue- inspired by the 4th of July but I don't live in the US and while red, white and blue may be the colours of the Netherlands ( where I live) the colour they wear to show their patriotism is orange
Its the colour of the sports teams, everyone wears orange on Queen's day and apparently it used to be the colour on the flag instead of red but the orange faded so badly that they changed to to red
these photos are from the world cup final last year. It was great to be living in the Netherlands when they reached the final of the world cup- the boys went to watch it on the big screen in town to enjoy the atmosphere and make their own noise ( unfortunately Holland didn't win)
on one photo if you look carefully you can see a man dressed on the Dutch flag- it even has the words to the national anthem printed on it ( and that's another odd thing- the national anthem I mean)

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  1. Awesome page!!! I love that you made it orange, the color of patriotism in the Netherlands!