Wednesday, 20 July 2011


If you ever get to go to Amsterdam- visit the Albert Cuyp Straat Market and go and visit Jan de Groete Kleinvakman- it is an amazing haberdashery store and at the moment they have loads of buttons they are selling off in their tubes for a Euro each- I visit quite often and pick up a few at a time- this time I plucked up the nerve to take a picture as well

I'm not always very confident about taking pictures of things especially if i think it might bother someone - so although I would love to take close up pictures of all the stalls on the market I don't really dare- i don't want the stall holders shouting at me But as I had just spent a few Euros I didn't think anyone would mind

Anyway when this twist came up for Twisted sketches I knew what my LO would have to be- the twist is Button and My LO "knoppen" is about Jan de groete klienvakman
Find the sketch HERE

( edit- I sent Anam a few LOs at a time a while back and she seems to keep getting them mixed up- this LO was posted last time under the twist flower- I have no idea which Lo will turn up instead of this one for the twist button- why not go and have a look!)

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  1. Look at all those button!!! WOW, that would be fun! Great picture and great twist on the challenge!