Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Echo Park

OK so this is a bit of a hybrid post- I thought I'd try for the Echo Park Fresh Faces design team call for this month- you all know my lack of confidence in these matters -but hey there's no harm in trying is there?

So why is it a hybrid post- well you might have seen two of them before ( but shh because Echo Park haven't seen them yet) but at least one of them is brand spanking new. Please bear with me if you've seen them before but I did put the new one first

And here they are

1, Nan's Garden ( the brand new one)
I know it's a bad photo on the LO but sometimes you go with what you got and for me scrapbooking is about preserving the memory rather than complete perfection- the thing about the photo is it brings back so many memories about my Nan's garden- see those plastic urns- they always had begonias in my nan's favourite thing to grow especially if she found a double one- and those chairs- they were broken before my Nan rescued them- you had to be careful how you sat down on then ( especially in the summer). You can also see my nan's bike in the background which she rode daily until she was into her 80s

I used some Echo Park For the record for the background paper and then layered up some elements cut from the journalling paper and that man is gutted from the middle of a paper that I used for something else

2. This is what Fear looks like

We went on a boat trip on Saturday in Alkmaar- it turned out to be a just a little eventful

first we stopped for 5 minutes to help a woman fish out two chairs from the canal which the wind had blown in

Then we got got caught up in Alkmaar's gay pride boat parade-( try explaining to a six year old why those men are dancing in the boat in pink pants and why that one is wearing a dress)

then had to sit under a bridge for 10 minutes to wait for it to stop raining

add to that the lowest bridges you can find on a boat trip- I mean so low that you have to lay on the seat or floor of the boat to avoid being crushe
d- one bridge was 80 centimetres above the water- I reckon the boat was 78 centimetres
above the water

there is a video here on YOu tube- not mine and this is not even the lowest bridge


the boat kept on making horrible noises when it turned- Arthur thought we were about to sink hence the look of pure fear on his face- he was so excited when we got off the boat that he started saluting the cheese

I am so pleased that Echo Park have released the Spots and Stripes papers- I am absolutely addicted to polka dot paper- I love using it as a background paper for my LOs so these papers are my idea of heaven

and finally 3. Secret Slide
The zoo that we often go to has loads of slides dotted about in strange places- some hidden away at the centre of mazes some right by the animals like the one in the elephant house or the one that goes down to the giraffes- the children love it- this is Stanley on one in the "Egypt" area

This is another reason why this is a hybrid post- a hybrid LO- I used some For the Record paper and elements again but the large green flower is from the digital elements pack

Thanks for looking and wish me Luck!

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