Tuesday, 31 May 2011

this is what fear looks like

this LO is for the scrap the guys challenge at Paper Issues

We went on a boat trip on Saturday in Alkmaar- it turned out to be a just a little eventful

first we stopped for 5 minutes to help a woman fish out two chairs from the canal which the wind had blown in

Then we got got caught up in Alkmaar's gay pride boat parade-( try explaining to a six year old why those men are dancing in the boat in pink pants and why that one is wearing a dress)

then had to sit under a bridge for 10 minutes to wait for it to stop raining

add to that the lowest bridges you can find on a boat trip- I mean so low that you have to lay on the seat or floor of the boat to avoid being crushe
d- one bridge was 80 centimetres above the water- I reckon the boat was 78 centimetres
above the water

there is a video here on YOu tube- not mine and this is not even the lowest bridge


the boat kept on making horrible noises when it turned- Arthur thought we were about to sink hence the look of pure fear on his face- he was so excited when we got off the boat that he started saluting the cheese


  1. Oh, that picture of Arthur is heart wrenching, but oh so cute! Sounds like an interesting excursion. Love what you did with the circle and polka dots!!!