Friday, 27 May 2011

One sketch two ways

Sassy Lil Sketches have a very simple three photo sketch this week- It inspired me twice- once a fairly literal copy of the sketch with three big photos but I also had three photos that I wanted to scrap but the photos were too rubbish to use on a large scale so I printed out three small photos and shrunk the sketch

This is the sketch

And this is the fairly literal translation- I misted the four circles at the side and moved the title but the elements are all in the right place- the photos are my family standing on a hunnebed posing like a rockband for an album cover 357/365
And this is the off piste version- Arthur had his sports day yesterday. I had to help with the older ones so I only managed a few photos from long distance- but the story behind this set of photos was so cute I had to scrap it. Arthur was in a team with one of the youngest in his class (aged 4) she was bouncing along in the sack race and there was Arthur bouncing along next to her (without sack) shouting Jump! Jump! Jump! and then when she fell over he pulled her up by the handles and kept her bouncing- I called the LO "little hero"

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