Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Shimelle's offer

I made this LO for Shimelle's 4x6 paper love class at Two Peas but if you go and check her blog here she is donating all the proceeds for her classes bought today to charity- even those classes that you can join in with again year after year for no extra charge- go and look now ( i joined her Learn Something NEw every day class)

The charity is Plan UKs Because I am a girl campaign that gives girls in the poorest countries chance for an education- something we all take for granted

Anyway the |LO itself is the photo shoot I did with the kid- I love the top photo even though its blurred because Nancy and Stanley look so happy together


  1. Great photos you have. Love the scallop border.

  2. It's a great sketch isn't it?! You've got some great photos there to show off. I'm in awe of your speed scrapping - mine take me hours but look like I've cobbled them together!